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donwloadUploaded on 10/6/02
A 3d character is auditioning for a role, performing a monologue of sylvester Stallone from Rambo 1.
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Colin on 20 December 2003
Very cute ... a "must see".
Dx on 27 December 2002
john wayne on 31 August 2002
really good i remember the scene and this version was as good. great job
Maci on 28 July 2002
Nice, very Nice, so good!
glanna on 22 June 2002
This is fabulous!
HAHA I never liked Stallone as much as in this!
I bet his mom treated him the same way too!
Keep up the fun stuff
paullution on 20 June 2002
great, very, very funny. The best of the pocketmovies I have seen. Much better than Killer Bean 2 (and shorter to download).
Nikademous on 18 June 2002
Funny little short worth the download!
lopezdau on 14 June 2002
hahaha good job, personally I like the kick to the gun haha good detail
Goosh on 11 June 2002
Nice and cute... great animation.