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Scenes From a Parking Lot

3.17/5 (100 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 8/2/04
Love can blossom in the strangest of places. Even in an old abandoned parking lot.

Created as a short HD film for Bravo! Television, Scenes From a Parking Lot stars Radik a clumsy yellow petal flower in love with Anya, a purple tipped tulip.

If you like Radik in this short film, keep an eye out for the six part television series The Adventures of Radik Wildflower, a 3D comedy adventure series of a different nature. Coming Soon.
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Chrisu on 12 May 2004
It's so cute! Can anybody tell me who plays the music?? Great film.Great mimic!!
Andre W. on 27 April 2004
Great animation and music. A nice little short film.
Seqen on 30 March 2004
Cute story. Good animation. A great effort.
Taj on 27 February 2004
I love it! The flowers are so cute and the music was very well done.

Awesome short story. Im looking forward to seeing more.
Ack on 24 February 2004
Very good and wonderfuly shot for what it is. Just a little too short. It seems that its trying to tell a story but before i could really get into it, the dance number was over and so was the movie. Other then that very nice :D