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Showreel 2001

3.14/5 (73 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 14/7/01
Showreel 2001 is based around 2 characters that do their thing in front of the camera. The first fella is "Spaceboy" who runs and jumps about in a space like fashion. The Second character is called "Monkey", and he has some amusing suspires for you to.
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polo on 1 August 2001
keep up the great work...
The author on 18 July 2001
I know there's allot wrong with the showreel, but hell, I must of listened and watched it through nearly a thousand times. The mouth movement is not quite there at times and it is too much on 1 character. The main reason for this was to home my character animation skills, before this I hadn’t done any, except for test's learning Messiah. I do want to be a good all round 3d artist but for now my love lies in animation. Hopefully a perspective employer will see what I have achieved in a short time and hire me. I have had interviews and job offers so I must be doing something right. Still it'll take years before I am a polished 3d artist. It’s been good to get the responses and know people are watching.


David Moulder
Voxxer on 16 July 2001
The movement where smooth but not so smooth to the music, a step here and one there, otherwise it seemed like he was dancing to another song..

The mouthmovement..
It was surely alot of work put into that but I still dont think it was enough..

The story..
strange start, song, end..

well I give this 6/10
+the characters belly was nice..
meatycheesyboy on 15 July 2001
Overall, I liked this showreel, but if its a showreel to send out to get a job, I don't think it will be very successful. The main problem lies in the fact that the second peice (the singing) is almost the entire reel. Because of this, it shows very little variety in skills. It doesn't show enough variety in the emotions since the whole song is that lounge type atmosphere. I think it would be a much stronger reel if it was broken up and featured 3 or 4 other animations cut into it as well as the two that are featured here. But like I said, I really enjoyed what you've got so far. Keep it up.
MTHSTOVL on 15 July 2001

great mouth movement!