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Take 18

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  by Oz Adi
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donwloadUploaded on 29/7/01
"Animation Excercise: Take 18" is a take-off about one of those "must do" animation tests every animator goes through : A character lifting a heavy object..
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Oz (Creator) on 28 September 2001
Thanks alot Sinemy!

Caleb, what "off-the shlef" means in these
Software group, is not realy off the local
computer store shelf, but commercialy
sold software, and not in-house developed

Lightwave and 3D studio Max are between 1500 to
3500 U.S$, Softimage and Maya are from 7000 to
20,000 U.S$ (Don't quote me on this price list:)
Usualy there are local Dealers of these 3D Softwares, in Major cities.. and most of the
clients are Studios and Educational institutes..

there is a great 3D program, that costs around
200$ (more or less) it's called
Hash Animation Master.. and it got almost
everything the big guys got.. check it out!

Sinemy on 26 September 2001
Excellent Excellent Excellent!

Animation is so convincng you'd almost swear its mo-cap. Very funny too. Certainly an inspiration to animation students.

Keep up the good work!
Caleb on 26 September 2001
This might sound like a silly question to you, but I've never seen any of these programs you guys talk about (Maya, Lightwave, 3d studio max) in stores. But, in the case of the 405 people, they clearly say "off-the-shelf" products. What's the deal? Is there a special store for such items?
sean on 22 September 2001
Holy Cow!!...your a Genius, dude..!

I wanna be Just like you when i grow up :)

seriously, you should be working for disney or pixar..

Great imagination..all those years of watching cartoon finally paid off, eh?

please post more of the same...
Oz (Creator) on 21 September 2001
Thanks (!!) CoTNT,

Thanks for your compliments :)
I did this animation long time ago,
and today when I look at it, I think it's even
too smooth.. or in other words too floaty, in certain parts.

Thats the look I was after at that time,
but if I would have to animate this short again today,
I would probably do it much more snappy...

thanks again:)
CoTnT on 21 September 2001
I am very impressed with the animation. I am stunned to tell you the truth.
I myself am a student of 3d modelling, and I work in Maya. But I have never ever seen an animation run so smooth.
Excellent work!
Creator on 6 September 2001
Over 4000 downloads, and only 4 comments?

dont be shy, post a comment :)
Oz on 10 August 2001
Yull, thanks,

My site should be ok now...

I didnt study animation in an academic
institute, I do animation since I was
7 or 8 years old.. and I keep learning
all the time.

yull on 10 August 2001
want to know more but can't get into your site
where did u study?
paranova on 6 August 2001
we love you ozeo
you kick ass
your telented and
we wish to work with you
visit us at
Oz on 31 July 2001
Thanks Flo!

I did very little traditional animation,
but nothing commercial or professional..
just experimenting..
namji on 31 July 2001
i luved the anime great composition and seemed to b very well laid out... keep up the great werk some tymes in the 3D field with every 1 trying to go so far and beyond its good to come backa nd laugh a little thx for the show i luved it :-)
Flo on 30 July 2001
I loved this little sequence...
One oint, alittle questions I wish to Ask: Did you use to be a traditionnal animator before 3d animator?
Oz on 30 July 2001
Any comments would be very appreciated!
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