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Easter Titans

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donwloadUploaded on 6/8/01
This little movie is about Easter Island. The author has always been fascinated by those mysterious giant heads on this island so he decided to make a short film out of it. As he says : "Hope you like it. Please enjoy! Btw. it was done in 3D Studio Max and it is my very first Demo Reel ^_^"
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kitkat on 22 November 2002
oooopss, i had a typo there. it's "such a waste of talent". sorry!!!!!
kitkat on 22 November 2002
hey Key!!! know what...your was not that good! IT'S HILARIOUS! AWESOME WORK!!! why aren't you into 3D animation then? sich a waste of talent. i'll be waiting for your next one for sure!!!!

and i like the nickname you gave me...although it makes me feel like a candy bar.. ;p

see ya!!!
sbc on 20 May 2002
This was great!!! Loved the ending. Waiting for a sequel. Keep up the great work....
Robert on 17 May 2002

Thanks for the home version. You are a most talented young man. Only your talent exceeds your sense of humor.

Am pleased to find you listed on this site.

The company that does not hire you is the company that loses out.
"D" on 16 October 2001
Hey Key,

Congrats on getting your animation on the web. I know as a student of SCA you can't really afford very much in the line of showing off your obvious tallents to the media that is watching.
I am working hard at animating Military Equpment for ManTech in WV. Not the best of spots, but the $$ they showed me I couldn't afford to pass them up. And I am giving them everything they wanted PLUS!!!

The Dragon will be here soon. Jerome is a busy man. But soon it will be here to add to the Easter Titans, "And the Bunny!!" Tell Aaron High for me or show him this post, and all the others, Tom, Justin, and Colleen if anybody is in touch with her!!!

I will be down there for Grad... Good Luck Key

Big Bubber from country jail on 16 August 2001
I got wet just by watching the credits
thomas_4d on 13 August 2001
very cool animaton :)
i like the rabbit at the start
and all the movment was very nice
i like the idea of showing your storyboards on the credit i mite steal that idea myself :) LOLOLO

most joy :)
Gina B on 13 August 2001
Very cool animation and funny to boot. Check it out, it's well done.
j-chan on 12 August 2001
Hey, ting tong guy..!
Itwas good movie..I like it..^_^
Key on 11 August 2001
Hey Dave,
Thanks for your comment!
Dave on 10 August 2001
That was just pretty damn good!