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RoadKill : Pigs

4.04/5 (341 votes)
  by Subres
Downloads : 50232
donwloadUploaded on 19/8/01
Pigs is the fourth short in the "road kill" serie.
Road kill is a deadly serie about nice animals.
From the authors : "we've lost five souls so far and we are now looking for a sponcer to help us kill the four souls we still have or even more!"
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glanna on 22 June 2002
Great !
I jsut downloaded all the other roadkill movies---loved the slo-mo piggies in the air!
Bartman5 on 30 March 2002
This movie rulez... I have downloadet the entire Road Kill serie, and this is one the best...
The one with the Ant is also very funny
Jme on 21 January 2002
I loved it!!! I only wish it were longer!
Ali Bubu on 16 November 2001
Where's "The pigs strike back" or something like 'Attack of the bones"?

I want to see more of these funny things!

Congratulations for your good characters and music!
Subres Sound System on 7 November 2001
Thank you Leeloo. it's about time someone relates to the music.
Rej on 23 October 2001
JUST GREAT! But I so wanted the other two pigs to make a "splash" landing on top of Butch and Bonzo in the second truck. I lost another ten dollars on the action replay.
Leeloo on 4 October 2001
HAHAHA, i like it a lot and the movie goes great with the musik. You realy realy have to download this
steve_da_dark on 30 September 2001
Im downlaoding it at the moment, and im already cracking up with laughter
andrew m on 28 September 2001
love the background trees and the simplicity of all the modles. very very funny
the guy who created the animation on 28 September 2001
hey, thanks for all the notes.
its great to get some feedback
bring it on....
good and bad....
thank you.
slayer on 26 September 2001
Great animation!
I love the part where the pigs are savouring every moment in the air in slow motion! That bit cracks me up everytime!
I'm gonna show this to all my friends.
Undersky on 4 September 2001
Very well animated. I love the slowmo scenes where the music changes.
subres stuff on 23 August 2001
thanks for the comment !
in about a week we will release a new "road kill" animation.
be with us .
subres stuff
thomas_4d on 23 August 2001
the best in the road kill series
love the ending the pigs look alive
and have real feelings
that made the ending even better :)

great work guys
Clearz on 19 August 2001