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RoadKill : Bird

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donwloadUploaded on 19/8/01
Bird is the second short in the "road kill" serie.
Road kill is a deadly serie about nice animals.
From the authors : "we've lost five souls so far and we are now looking for a sponcer to help us kill the four souls we still have or even more!"
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Devilscent on 11 September 2001
One thing to say,
DJ luk on 27 August 2001
oh nooooo watch out! oh well 2 l8

haha dumb birds
brilliant film thing
Bob on 27 August 2001
Just a joke, I have a dry sense of humor, so when I saw Nick, thought I would pull your leg a little. It is a great site. I will donate to you to help you keep, ii going. Take care Jerome. "Nick" sounds better. lol
Hi on 27 August 2001
nice movies, good job Nick,