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Bad Karma

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donwloadUploaded on 4/10/01
This is a 5 minutes cartoony animted short by a self learned animator from Hamburg.
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whit on 29 January 2004
good work!!!
kyel on 29 January 2004
jerry on 11 October 2001
The Programm he used was Animation:Master2000 and if you like to know more about the programm, just go to, or if you are German(the guy who made this is German) go to
Johnny on 9 October 2001
Great animation...great storyline. The figures were smooth and the graphics sensational. The previous poster mentioned sympathy for the kid...didn't he forget the ending and the title to this short film? If you are into animations, then take the time to download this movie!
pixelwks on 5 October 2001
Great "look" to the animation. The story moved at a good pace, and there were some funny bits of business here and there.

The only negative thing that hit me was that we were asked to be sympathetic to the kid, who is a theif after all. This is a minor point however.

Great work.
baller on 5 October 2001
hi! you did awesome job dude!! what program did you do it on? great sound, music awesome, 3d animation great!!!!!!!
hope to see more work like this!!