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Cookie Blues

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donwloadUploaded on 15/8/01
Cookie Blues is a short about your average guitar playing, blues singing gingerbread cookies.
"It's made with 3dstudio max 3.1 and my mind. I made
it just for kicks and giggles. Enjoy!" -Jason Taylor
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carluva on 29 September 2005
Hilarious…I keep watching it over and over!  Love the ending especially.

I'm really impressed with the animation and modeling—but I see from your website that you're a professional at this stuff, so that's to be expected.  I happen to be studying computer science/engineering, and I'm in a computer graphics class right now.  I started getting into 3D modeling in high school, and I'm loving it more every day.
Art on 14 March 2003
It's a wonderful, wonderful clip!
SouthwesternPirate on 16 October 2002
Singing cookies. What more could you want?
shamawnit on 25 July 2002
nice story, but you could have made it more interesting if the hand was real fat and green, ala shrek, that way, people would have known where your inspiration for that had come from.

Other than that, keep up the good work.

P.S would have been ways funnier if you had the cookie continuing to sing even after it was munched on, or if the band had split quick smart, right before the hand swooped down on the singer. yeh i like that.
Hey there on 1 May 2002
Great story and unexpected ending. What are you waiting it.....
Gamin on 19 March 2002
super animation tank
Kathy on 11 March 2002
Cookieblues was great! Good job!!!! :o)
karla on 10 March 2002
I go to the movies all the time, I would love to see some of these before the movie began.

very good.

Thanks for the laugh!
Vicki on 2 March 2002
I really enjoyed your short film "Cookie Blues". You did a great job!
A-man on 25 February 2002
Remarkable! Great story line and animation!
Crussie on 17 February 2002
Fabulous!!!Sent it to all my friends
u6yiry on 16 February 2002
It is GREAT!
ivanhoe on 9 February 2002
jason is very very good am from montreal
dede on 6 February 2002
very nice
faithful29 on 5 February 2002
Hilarious...Awesome job!!!
Rick on 3 February 2002
YOU ARE THE MAN!!! I almost fell out of my seat..
Thorin on 31 January 2002
La historia debe continuar... :)
Soukyb on 25 January 2002
That was absolutely hilarious, are there anymore????
Domi on 20 January 2002
extremely cool and totally yummy. MORE, MORE, MORE, ...
Stuge on 24 September 2001
hilarious, little cookies, pure genius
t-burglar on 6 September 2001
wonderful strut that cookie's got goin' there!
dagoose on 30 August 2001
My female associate and I greatly enjoyed the animation and music. You really got it right. The movement of the characters was so realistic that I expected them to jump through the screen and eat my dog biscuits! Please keep up the good work and send more my way.
The Hoo on 29 August 2001
Great short and awsome animation.. Thank you for the inspiration.
BeePeM on 26 August 2001
Wow, he's cool:
I was curious, do you work with Lightwave at all, if so whats the biggest differences that you like or don't like about the 2 3D SM compared to Lightwave 6.5? By chance are you from around the east coast (NY/NJ) and do you know of any SIG's or workshops for learning about LW or 3D-SM. How do you suggest a guy thats used to lightwave gets into using 3D Studio Max? Lightwave seems to me to be very compicated. what about good tutorial web sites?
loopy-d on 22 August 2001
In the words of J.J Freeton " It rocks! "...
Is that SoftImage?
elbey on 21 August 2001
Great and tasty !
Jason, I can tell u you're famous here (Paris).
lolo on 20 August 2001
i thought the animation and story line was awesome. you did a great job!! my hubby does 3d modeling and animation also. im sure he'll love it as well .
Robert on 20 August 2001
Amazing!!! Ever since I downloaded it into my Casiopeia, I have been stopping everyone I know and saying "Hey, you have got to see this!" Jason, thanks for sharing your talent!!!
Isaac on 17 August 2001
superb!! I couldn't stop playing it again and again. I wish it was a couple of minutes longer.
Please, more of this stuff. Thank you Jason Taylor.
real limoges on 17 August 2001
very nice keep the good work going
Kitchen-witch on 16 August 2001
Received from Elisa. I love gingerbread men! Thought it was a scream! Good Job and keep them coming!
mosrite on 16 August 2001
great stuff! put up some more!
fajita on 16 August 2001
excellent! i will pass this one on to the whole company. great job.
katpendery on 16 August 2001
wow! That was great, I love his sassy little butt shake. Mr. Cookie has some serious sex appeal. Please send me more!
My boyfriend who works @ Rhythm & Hues Studios thinks you should submit your reel to HR. You rock!
Cheryl McCrerel on 15 August 2001
I didn't stop smiling once. That is great-keep up with the theme. It is classic. You are very talented. Yeah baby!!!!!