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Star Wras

3.40/5 (167 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 8/3/01
A short film (ahem) by Ceri Llewellyn
Sound Editing by Barnaby Green

See Star Wars again, as it was meant to be seen....
...well if the budget was exceedingly low....

The film recalls the final assault on the Death Star, but rather than
everything being hi-tech and Sci-Fi...things are made of paper...the X-wings are paper planes, the Y-wings have toilet-roll engines and the Death Star itself is made of old coffee stained paper held together with
masking tape.
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john5150 on 28 January 2006
Hey- I liked it. I will not say it is genius or anything, but when I see shorts on the internet I rarely even expect decent. This is far better than decent, and I think it needs to be seen as what it is. It is trying to be cheesy and does it well. I believe the filmmakers have a lot of talent and should be encouraged.

Star Wars itself is a classical hero-story... And it was a b-movie, not expected for greatness.

The ~Slicker~ on 1 January 2003
Haven't downloaded it yet, but I'm adding it to my collection.

The sad thing isn't that some peeps thought it was a's sadder that they're not getting paid to be a critic, wasting MORE time after they believe they wasted time looking at paper airplanes fly by on their computer.

That's what they said about Afterdark and flying toasters...isn't it?

Good job for having put it up.

That from someone who's still not even downloaded it.

xerxes on 18 March 2002
verry good liked it a lot
Barns on 26 February 2002
Just saw your mini film - great. I am not your sound editor although I'm slightly freaked by the fact that that's what I do (along with composing and location sound)and we share the same name - wierd!
thunk2000 on 16 February 2002
that ws great! :D
the only thing I can see that I think should have been added is a guy should rush in at the end and frantically put the "death star" out with a fire extinguisher, that would have been even better and it would have even made it more funny/cheesey
Carrion on 28 October 2001
Apart from a tennis ball and a basket ball, you really have to LOOK HARD to see the oragamic features. There is really only one funny bit, at the very end. It seems a waste to make a comedy that takes so long to only have one funny bit. If you're a Star Wars fan you'll probably laugh through the whole thing. (**---)
raptor2000 on 4 August 2001
c'est tres amusant!! et assez bien fait!
Airman on 20 July 2001
enigma on 19 July 2001
I loved it :) The rest of you just didn't get the joke, did you?
of COURSE the special effects weren't great. That was the
whole point. Duh.
Kempston on 12 April 2001
да полная версия не помешала бы :)
DanilaV. on 26 March 2001
А где, полная версия?
papito on 22 March 2001
i love it
Voxxer on 17 March 2001
How...maybe why instead.... :)
It doesn't seem like a great challange (doing a ball in space and having small paperplanes fly around)
Overall: Averange (for pocketmovies standard) :)
Missed on: Special effects....i don't sit by the computer to watch square-like paper planes :)
The whole starwars thing is beeing overused...
muf on 13 March 2001
no originality...
Symon on 12 March 2001
Euhhhh ... the music is very well !
juny on 10 March 2001