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Matrix Spoof

2.91/5 (191 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 10/2/01
When some amateurs remake the Matrix. Some very nice special FX here.
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blcros97 on 16 March 2007
I personally thought that it was eally funny, true some of it was not like the movie...but it is a spoof, rite? Oh well, my favorite part when the guy was explaining what is the matrix "The Matrix is when your computer talks to you at night...sometimes it goes blinky blink...and blip bop dlibby dop..." HA HA HA...Great Clip...Make more of them please...
PrinceVern on 11 October 2004
^_^ pretty funny, gives me the same feeling as the Megaman Movie Trailer :3 nicely done~
seroth sujizero on 14 May 2003
very funny. Gonna do something similar with my mates as well. This friday to be exact. Hoping to put in some stuff of 'reloaded' too ;).
othergirl on 21 March 2003
*applaud. i thought it was high-larious. i must see more like this :)
Oscarian on 13 July 2002
I liked it! If I had a camera I'd do stuff like this with my mates all the time!

Keep it up, you can only get better!

OhPaaalease on 8 July 2002
Happy I downloaded it. very cheesy. Something i would do. hahahaha. I also deleted it.
FalconBravo on 2 July 2002
I thought it was actually quite good. You gotta keep in mind, it's DESIGNED to be low-key (I hope.), and you gotta take it that way. In any case, i thought it was really quite good for it's length, budget, and everthing...

The only catch is that I only downloaded the first 40 seconds of it... what happened to the rest of it? i think my browser screwed up
^jason on 19 June 2002
"What... is... the matrix... dude?" Hahaha! Very funny! Trying to resurrect Bill and Ted? But there's no malice intended here. I liked the whole thing.

And to those who hate the spoof... come on. It just didn't hit on your funny bone that well. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right?
AAA on 31 March 2002
This video is sucks!
Don't waste your time to download unless you like really cheap jokes.
It made by the people who think they have the sense of humor. I didn't expect to see any special effect on the video. But the cheap jokes just turn me off.
The toy guns should be fun if they know how to use it. But they didn't.
I prefer the simple but effective Matrix fart video.
I know this is a spoof but this one just totally suck.
ScallyWarrrg! on 18 March 2002
i fink that this video iz funnay and it was rampin' when da did da dodging bullits fings...

ksduded on 23 February 2002
It was hilarious!!
Jundao on 30 September 2001
Feel free to email me your comments from MY comment because I will not be checking this page.

But that fucking movie was the shittiest thing I have ever seen, Why would you people actually download that? Why the fuck did I even download it. It was a bunch of kids who didn't even get the story-line down. A white guy playing morpheus? Trinity had kids glasses on, The scenes were out of order, the glasses changed one each character, the lines were altered. The thing was a waste of fucking time.
whizzkid on 17 September 2001
Brilliant 8P
c'mon guys, its a spoof, its meant to look like this hehe
excalibur on 15 September 2001
GREAT- I really like it.
It's cool, it's real, it's better than the so called original!
Go on creating outstanding funny movies like this one!
enigma on 19 July 2001
I loved it!
What.... IS.... the Matrix....... dude?

The ones who didn't get it: you are EXACTLY the kind of audience
mass-market movies appeal to. Don't worry if you didn't get it.
You can't help it.
Drakoth on 12 July 2001
I personally thought it was great. The comedy put into it was good, but the scene of explaining the matrix could have been changed a bit.
singh on 1 June 2001
Average, I've seen better.
elmo on 13 May 2001
I don't think anyone other than MS actually realises that this is MEANT to look poorly made. Very funny, especially the last piece. Recommended to anybody not looking for the "nice special FX" promised to them, as there aren't any.
MS on 10 May 2001
I had to laugh,
C'mon guys, it's supposed to be cheesy
Rex on 11 April 2001
Not as bad as others have said ... especially, if they haven't made something better !
Chaos on 28 February 2001
Sucks. A lot.
Kill Me Now on 22 February 2001
"When some amateurs remake the Matrix. Some very nice special FX here."

Half right; amateurs did make this.
Tiddle on 16 February 2001
Pretty poor.
DaZe1Ny on 15 February 2001
Pretty weak.