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Time Machine

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donwloadUploaded on 27/1/02
The Time Machine movie trailer
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James on 20 May 2007
The book, as many have guessed was to all intents and purposes a guide for the filmmakers. I certainly think the books narration could have been singled out for special treatment to hold it close to the original story. For a film made in 1960 the special effects are par for the course and skill of the visual artists. I feel that the second remake is just a visual feast. The score is commendable.
cosmic on 10 September 2003
I have a history of both nuclear-and-meta physics. This version of The Time Machine is awesome. I was awestruck with wonder at the complexity, beauty, and the musical score of the time-lapse sequence which immediately follows the global environmental disaster caused by real estate developers (nice touch) ,as he races through 798,000 years of time. I was so moved by that time-lapse scene that I watched it 27 times the first day. Infinite kudos !!!
The Time Traveller on 8 October 2002
1. Yup you can get the music from HMV and music shops like so.
2. I thought it was so great I had to buy it on DVD. They did indeed make quite a few changes from the book and the film in 1969 but in my oppinion they still kept it good.
Victor on 5 June 2002
I really like this movie and I would like to know if the second part will exist or maiby If I can contact the company of this film by email??? (Sorry for my bad english!)
Disappointed on 13 March 2002
Let me see how I can put it, what are the right words to describe this film???
Oh yes I know, IT SUCKS!!!
This film is being classified as "action/adventure" not science fiction!
This great story has been reduced to "let's zoom to the future and kill some monsters!" The musical score if generic and instantly forgettable! If you MUST see please wait until it hits a $1 theater!!!
I only wish that I had a time machine so I could go back in the past and stop myself from ever seeing this movie!! There is no "sense of wonder", no real emotion...Little time is spent with the actual time travel and the special effects are not so special...The film disappoints on every level....
If you want to see a good film go rent the 1960 original "Time Machine". The special effects are a a bit faded now but still the movie will keep you interested with the wonder of time travel and a musical score that is a classic....
Thats just my .02 cents...
TekunoRobby on 9 March 2002
Any initial impressions on this movie yet? I checked Dark Horizons and a lot of reviews linked there all pretty much hated it. Want to hear some opinions of non critical fans.
MojoJojo on 4 March 2002
If I am not mistakened, this will be the third full lenght version of The Time Machine. From the trailers I have seen it can certainly become the best. Now I know I am going to have to get the book and read it! :-}
JessiGirl on 28 February 2002
Looks like an awesome movie. Haven't seen the orignal, heard that was good too. Even if the movie gets bad reviews (which i really hope it doesn't) I'll probably go see it anyway. The effects do look really awesome, same w/ the makeup.
Llopin on 25 February 2002
The original Pal's movie was very good for his time, the special efects were good. And as a fan of Hg Wells' novel, I cant miss this one. The trailer is great! Cool!
WiReTaP on 17 February 2002
When i saw the original movie a long time ago, it was very good..besides some cheezy special effects. I can't wait until the new movie is out. The preview looks awesome.
sheLika on 14 February 2002
It´s a cool movie indeed... at least the trailer is... and I couldn´t agree more with Lyra about the mindbending part... (check Ice Age :) )
Andy on 30 January 2002
HAHAHA! true true....
Lyra Silverblade on 30 January 2002
This looks like a really sweet movie, with the possibility for some mindbending fun... but I suppose the only frivolous turnoff for me is the bloody Stargate trailer music that's in about a dozen OTHER sci-fi action film trailers. I liked that music... the FIRST 12 TIMES.
Chris on 29 January 2002
Does anyone know what is the
theme song they play in the time machine trailer?