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Minority Report

4.11/5 (277 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 16/12/01
The new Spielberg movie to come summer 2002. With Tom Cruise.
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xG! on 10 February 2004
Who have this video I REALLY want it, if someone can sendme thid shot video i will be so gracefull...
Yarcht on 27 February 2003
Good Movie
Atta on 21 January 2003
We love it
Blaufeld on 1 October 2002
Ever wondered "what if..." Spielberg ended the movie half an hour before? With Tom Cruise realizing that he will kill Crow 'cos he is REALLY the murderer of his son, and no one tried to frame him? Like, nothing you can do to change your future when it's decided... VERY dystopian, Dick-esque and distrurbing...
Very good movie, indeed.
Blacky on 23 August 2002
Excellent, it´s very interesting movie and I think that th future may be as this movie. I like much.
chris on 6 August 2002
Best movie of the year.. really cool future aspects
iulian.p on 2 August 2002
very good movie
jb on 13 January 2002
Great trailer, its about time speilberg did a Philip K Dick book!