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E.T. (20th anniv)

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donwloadUploaded on 16/11/01
This is the trailer for the new remasterised vesion of E.T. (lots of memories of when I was a kid)
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nenette on 5 April 2004
Hi! I haven't downloaded E.T. (20th anniv) yet. Where can i get a copy of this. I really like this movie. Thanks
MeLeNaS on 17 November 2001
So many memories have come to my mind while watching this trailer!! It's so old yet so definitely cool :o) I really felt shivers on my skin, this movie is one of the greatest ever and I would just love to see it again on theaters... gosh, I was six when I saw it for the last time on big screen! xD (and I think it was my first time in a cinema...)
Really nice trailer, it makes you anxiously look forward to May 2002! :o)