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The One

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donwloadUploaded on 12/11/01
The new action movie featuring Jet Li.
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prajith on 19 April 2006
Jet Lee, The super action hero
Darkjin on 7 January 2002
~SHydo on 3 December 2001
Seems like a remake of the Matrix, is it done by the same guyes? I would imagine so... well I would like seeing something new out there, been there done that I'm afraid!
SpeedyPony on 26 November 2001
李连杰(Jet Li)
好功夫(Good GongFu)
ark_keeper on 13 November 2001
This movie rocks!!! I saw it opening day, it really IS better than the Matrix!!! I love seeing the trailer alone, the special effects are so incredible and Jet Li is the greatest fighter ever!!!