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SpiderMan (Trlr 1)

4.34/5 (1906 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 16/12/01
The first official trailer from SPE.
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BenTothMarvelFan7 on 11 December 2008
I know how to get Hero By Nickleback (Im a Nickleback fan too).
All you have to do is go to google then type "Hero by Nickelback" then it should be easyer to find it after typing that.
Anon on 31 March 2006
Hi! Does anyone know where I can get a free download of "Hero" the song at the end of the Spiderman 2 CD? It's by Nickelback's Chad Kroeger and Saliva's Josie Scott ~ & IT ROCKS!!! :) Please e-mail me at if you know! :) Thank you! :) luv ya! :) ~ Anon
Gustavo on 6 January 2006
Where I could download the trailer about the Twin Towers. i tried in Please If anyone know the answer, but i didn't found it, my e-mail is .
Thank you
plato on 28 May 2004
nice and cool
sachin on 11 February 2003
yeah, i wanna know the name of the track used for the last half of the trailer too!! that track rocks!
Zola on 7 January 2003
Istencsaszar, kutyafasza!
lolo on 25 December 2002
u know u really want 2 know what i think about this movie> ok!!!! anyways i wasn't really intrested in it but when i rented the video oh my god i looooooved it!!! i never expected it 2 be like that!!!! it was sad, entertaing, enjoyable, funny. it was due in five days and all i wanted 2 do was to keep whatching it so everyday i d whatch it at least 2 times!!! but what i didn't like about it is the ending i expected something like when mj starts 2 notice its peter. i think the author should make the second movie.

write bake as soon as u read because i want 2 know if u got!!!!!
Dynergie on 6 December 2002
It's cool
Grisu on 23 September 2002
It`s cool
Failure on 22 September 2002
This film is COOL!!!
Cristina on 4 July 2002
I can't find a place that will let me download the song "Hero" from this movie. If any one knows where I can get a free download of the song, please email me.
john on 24 June 2002
i wish this scene had been left in the movie, but then again maybe it was a good idea.hard to say.
great movie anyway
tlzink on 20 June 2002
Neone searching for the Twin Towers trailer can get it if you get iMesh. Just do a search for spiderman and you should get at least 3 results with that particular trailer. That's how I got it.
JONATHAN on 18 June 2002
Pablo on 13 June 2002
Where I could download the trailer about the Twin Towers. Please If anyone know the answer, my e-mail is
Thank you
minimaromas on 12 June 2002
Can you put available at the internet complete movies?
Frednâcker on 6 June 2002
Foi um otimo filme
paula on 5 June 2002
hey there everyone! well anywais I thought the movie was just awesome. the special effects and evrything with the camera was just amazing. they made the movie just like the cartoon in a way that it was in real life. so props go out to the director!!!!!
Puzzzz on 3 June 2002
Awe Some !!!!
Can't wait For a Sequel !!
Bring it out as soon as you can
Nico on 30 May 2002
It´s wonderful in fact ! I hope may you continues try a lots a trailers from the more exciting movies...
Pablo on 27 May 2002
¡¡Faltan 710 días para la nueva

película,"SPIDERMAN II", no puedo esperar más!!

We must wait 710 to see SPIDERMAN 2!!

I can´t wait 2 years to see the film!! I need more trailers!!
Excelente on 23 May 2002
Fascinante, la mejor pelicula del año, que he visto. Espero la continuación..............
y no es solo mi opinión.

Por favor, ¿podran decirme una pagina, donde pueda encontrar y bajar a mi computadora algunos protectores de pantalla?.


mr.big69 on 22 May 2002
man i don't think i will ever see a better movie dog it was phat
madKat69 on 22 May 2002
the movie was the best dog
rose on 21 May 2002
HEY peeps i absolutly loved spiderman it was such a great movie!!! spider man is cool!! cannot wait to see spiderman 2!!! love u spiderman!!!!
pablo on 19 May 2002
La película es excelente, increíble. Los efectos especiales son asombrosos y los detalles a mi parecer han sido muy bien cuidados y los actores son muy representativos de los personajes.
Kirsten Dunst, es un capítulo aparte. Encajó perfecto en el papel de MJ y por sobre todo es Hermosa, bellísima... . El Trailer completo que incluye las Twin Tower es espectacular.
Gracias por el espasio de opinion. Pablo
ShAdOw HuNtEr on 12 May 2002
Oh yea I first saw the movie then I came here 2 dl the trailer; it was so great... I had 2 have something 2 remind me of that film! Ill probably go c it again... 2 much iz never n ough. And thx 2 ! I watch this trailer over n over! Oh n I have 2 say... KiRsTeN DuNsT iz soooooooooo pretty...when she sayz in Bring it on:"We r fine, we ll work hard n we ll win the national championship"... Wow... shez incredibly cute...o Kirsten I luv u...
slyder_2059 on 10 May 2002
Hi just wondering if anyone has the Twin Tower Trailer in a format that can be burnt onto disk?? Please let me know. ( Many thanks.
kingnige on 8 May 2002
the music to the trailers is as follows:

the WTC trailer music (when spiderman is swinging around the city) is Leave You Far Behind, by Lunatic Calm (used in Mortal Kombat 2, and The Matrix)

the music used for the second trailer (showing clips from the film) is Pompeii, by E.S. Posthumus
Tara on 8 May 2002
Please, somebody hook me up with the Spidey WTC trailer! I live in NYC and would love to see it. Thanks!
spiderman preview music on 7 May 2002
if anyone is interested, that instrumental music in the spiderman preview is called
check out their site
your welcome rinoa
bannfio on 4 May 2002
keshia -
spider man, spider man, does whatever a spider can
spins a web, any size,
catches thieves, just like flies
de neeeee
here comes spider man

keshia on 4 May 2002
what are the words to the spiderman song? I know its "spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can..." thats all I know! Can someone email me the words? my email is
RiNoA~* on 29 April 2002
Please...does anybody know the title of that instrumental part that comes out near the end of the preview/trailer of Spiderman trailer 1 ?
It's awesome and I would like to know~! please!!! If someone knows...mail me!!! Thanx! ^_^
Venom on 27 April 2002
Since you'll know how great this trailer I'll skip that part and just go straight to the point..
Does ANYONE know where I can download the animated spiderman series from 93-98? I really, really need them =)
Brou(BRAZIL) on 25 April 2002
I am crazy to see that power

maxfactor1980 on 25 April 2002
Hi, it's me again! Guess what? I've found the WTC twin towers trailer for you! Guess where? Right here in PocketMovies!! I bet you all feel about as stupid as I did when I first learned that. No? Yeah, right...
It's at:
Better download it quick before anyone makes them take it down. It's a great trailer and you'll be sorry you missed it. Spidey uses the twin towers to weave a huge web to catch a helicopter!
Why are you still here! Go get it!!

- maxfactor1980 (Excelsior!)
Little Tower on 23 April 2002
Why, oh WHY you dont have the TTT-trailer????
I cant find it anywhere! (with MPEG)
Do I have any chance to get it here?
Polo on 21 April 2002
I thing the trailer is great, but I don´t like a plastic heroe, if the film is just action (like the films of john woo) then I hope all of you will said that is a bad film.
Dan Myers on 20 April 2002
Would like to have a copy of the WTC trailer and would like to see the one it was replaced with! Can someone hook me up?

I hope Sonys not planing on making a special DVD with the WTC Towers so they can profit off this countrys darkest moment!?!?
kaytee82 on 16 April 2002
does anyone know I find out about sneak previews, for spiderman. My boyfriend is a huge huge fan, and he's been waiting for it to come out, but now he's leaving for the army on May 2!!!! We live in Illinois. thanks...just email me and let me know!!!!
Neo on 16 April 2002
I have seen all the trailers. According to me I think the second trailer is the best. I have seen it over a hundred times and i think it is amazing! If the film is anything like the trailer i think it will be a big blockbuster
xtionfigure on 16 April 2002
Hi to all,
Does anyone out there have the Spidey trailer with WTC? Please fell free to let me know. I downloaded from somewhere (can't say) but it's in .mov format. I cannot play it on my cassiopeia e-200. Thank you for your time to all.
Dan Myers on 14 April 2002
To remove the WTC fotage from the Spiderman movie is nothing less than giving in to terrorism! We as Americans are better than that (or so I thought)I strongly feel that if we just roll over and take it up the ass from these cave dwelling, camel humping lice infested basterds then we've already lost! The victims of the WTC disasters should be remembered and Honored not written off!!! We as Americans owe them at least that!
Whitewlf on 10 April 2002
I have the WTC trailer at high res. I would up (or even host) it, but, I am not sure of the legal issues. It was pulled/private and I'd ike to be sure I/we would not get in trouble for posting it. It is sweet tough... Spidey "uses" the twin towers for a huge web.
=keith= on 9 April 2002
does anyone have the WTC trailer or any other trailer for download? its taking forever to download it off KaZaA, and i need it quick, so i can have something to do all day....
ARMY OF ONE on 7 April 2002
I would like to see someone post or make available the original trailer with the WTC. I used to live in New York, and I have seen New york from the top of the WTC. I would not be offended if it were posted. But I am offended by people who will not let me make my own decision about whether or not I want to view it.
mason on 4 April 2002
Hi, whats this "orig" trailer that everyone is talking about?? Can somebody email me with it?
okonjo on 31 March 2002
I don't know about you but even here in europe i'm one of the biggest spiderman fans lv.75.
By the way if some of you have some final fantasy x movies can you send it to my e-mail.
I think the trailer is great but i don't know will it be good cause they could do the same mistake as they did with x-men.
kojiro on 28 March 2002
Psycho on 18 March 2002
This trailer is awesome...For those of you that like comic books, your going to love this...
Darth Reknaw on 17 March 2002
Isn't Spiderman amazing. Forget about Mr.Anonymous Millionaire Bat Man and Poofy Superman. How much cooler can you get than a man who has been bitten by a radio active spider and can now climb around building and swing around cities. Put away your cape Superman. Put away your grappling hook Batman. A better superhero has a movie!
Milo on 15 March 2002
Hi, whats this "orig" trailer that everyone is talking about?? Can somebody email me with it? Cheers
Keith on 26 February 2002
You can send an email-able trailer to your friends in high quality Java streaming video here:
maxfactor1980 on 21 February 2002
You can download a much better version of this trailer at:
The resolution is much better (480X360) hence the better quality but I'll warn you's nearly 25 Megs large!
That's the MPEG trailer, anyway. The rest are in Quicktime and I'm not sure how large they are.
Better grab it quick before it's gone forever!

- maxfactor1980 (Took me hell to download but...WOW!)
maxfactor1980 on 21 February 2002
This trailer just blows my mind! I must've watched it over 100 times by now, never getting tired of it! I've been a Spiderman fan practically forever and have the comics/albums/card sets to prove it!
They did kind of warp the storyline a bit, but at least not as bad as they did in X-Men. I still think the movie is going to be awesome. Coolest part is, it releases on May birthday! Is that fate or what?
I am REALLY sorry I missed the twin towers trailer so...jimbo, could you please post it somewhere for me? Wildcard wants to see it too, I take it (see message thread).

- maxfactor1980 (Die-hard true-believer).
jimbo on 10 February 2002
this trailer is excellent and gives us a great insite into the upcoming movie. But for any 1 out der, i do have the twin tower trailer but wether to post it i dont no, cause i dont wont to offend any 1 so if u could post your views and let me no weather i should or not it could change my mind.
jimbo :)
jeremiah on 8 February 2002
i need to know what track is the music which sounds when peter parker look to his finger and discover his powers (you know, the same music that sounds while he makes that cool move in the high school catching those things in the air)
i need tha t music because i´m making a video and that´s just the music i´m looking for.
Pyros on 8 February 2002
This movie will literally keep the audience hanging on to the edge of their seats!! It's goin to be one hell of a ride for all of us Spidey fans. I just wish there would be a sequel, Mr. Raimi are you getting this, or who ever is out there? In this way, they could feature more of the powerful arch-enemies of the wall-crawler.
barts21 on 7 February 2002
Incredible, Super, fab, trailer. I have been waiting for a movie on Spider Man and at last it's here.
Master on 5 February 2002
It is an awesome preview/trailer. I have been waiting for the movie since I was a spider-man fan and now that I had watch the preview/trailer it makes me a more anxious fan for the movie.
reptile on 5 February 2002
i personally think the movie is going to be great. i wish they hadnt chopped the story up so much though, having a mutant spider instead of a radioactive one, organic webshooters instead of parker finishing his fathers work. all in all though i think it will be great.
rick on 2 February 2002
Oh my god that is the best trailer i have ever seen in my life (Well on my computer anyway)
Man i cant wait for this movie, well i better get going to watch the trailer for about the 30th time ( :
bill1_72802 on 2 February 2002
i have watched this tailer over and over and it gets better every single time i cant wait for the movie to come out i will watch more than once i have always thought of spidey as the greatest super hero ever and i have owned spidey merchandise longer than that a+++ on the trailer
tatooboy on 25 January 2002
its good but short
m1986 on 22 January 2002
does anyone know, what song is it what starts after Peter Park says:"Who am I? I´m Spider-man!"
Wildcard on 18 January 2002
I agree that spidey should not be "buffed up" - if they're starting the story from the beginning (which they are) then he has to look like a real teenage nerd in high school and not like some 26 yr old Beverly Hills 90210 hunk. Thank God the actor playing him actually lookslike he could be in HS. Also, I Looooooove this trailer. I downloaded it to my iPaq and have watched it probably a 100 times already. I can't get enough. But I don't wanna get my hopes up to high forthe movie cause I don't wanna be disappointed. I find that if I go into a movie with medium expectations I'll be much more pleased with the result. Even tho I understand the reasons why they axed the trailer with the twin towers, it would be cool for posterity if someone could somehow get ahold of a copy of it and upload it so we could all see it and keep it. What better tribute to those marvelous buildings than to be memorialized in this classic hero's first movie. Does anyone else agree with me? I mean I've imagined for YEARS what it would look like for Spidey to be swining around those buildings and how cool it would look in a movie and just when I thought I'd actually get to see it, they nix the concept because of the actions of a few demented animals. Bring back the TTT (Twin Towers Trailer)!!!!
dpmaurer on 13 January 2002
all references to the wtc were removed from the final cut of the film. they didn't buff spidey up too much because tobey mcg isn't too buff and, in the early comics, webhead was small and kinda scrawny. that was the whole point - a hero geeks & losers could identify with, as opposed to the pointy-eared one or the big blue boyscout. the genius of stan lee.
BroADWAY on 13 January 2002

the name of the track ist pompeii, and as said before its performed by e.s. posthumus.
JsJaedon on 11 January 2002
yeah, i wanna know the name of the track used for the last half of the trailer too!! that track rocks!
Chris on 8 January 2002
The Music in the Trailer is performed by E.S. Posthumus. They have their own Site on Net.
Anderson on 2 January 2002
This movie is going to rock. I have been a Spiderman fan since I was 4 and this movie is going to kick butt. I have seen the trailer 100 times and each time it gets better. Granted they could have buffed up Spiderman a little bit but all in all they did a fantastic job.
hombresombra on 2 January 2002
Amarth on 24 December 2001
There is very good music in this trailer, who is it?
NORM on 24 December 2001
A movie everyone must see twice. Does anybody know if the twin towers were left out of film completely?

anita on 20 December 2001
hy :
I want to watch movie trailers of spiderman and star wars2
Skills on 19 December 2001
Fantastic trailer - and great music too - although it probably won't be in the finished film. I spotted some of the scores from The Matrix, Scream and Planet of the Apes - but does anyone know the name of the track used for the last half of the trailer?
anita on 19 December 2001
more trailers of spiderMan

QULON on 17 December 2001
Incredible trailer. I'm can't wait to see the whole film next summer.

It was a hard work for the director as Spidey has tons of fans and everyone knows the story.

Check for great stuff!