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Spiderman (Trlr 2)

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donwloadUploaded on 16/4/02
The second trailer of SpiderMan movie.
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Gordrid on 7 June 2006
Anyone know the name of the song that plays in the back half of this trailer? It's bugging the c*** out of me!
Stefi on 24 November 2004
I' ve seen spiderman 2 and it's absolutle amazing what they done.....
They say the third is coming up in the 2007 but i really canĀ“t wait.... can sombody convence the people of Marvel to put it before????
HEN73G on 15 December 2003
im wait 4 this movie!!
aftab on 11 May 2003

Its amezing is.t it.

KS on 26 February 2003
would like to try to download
oluap on 15 February 2003
raflesmx on 28 October 2002
spidey sux not on 1 September 2002
this trailer really is cool and i wonder why what tobey said in this trailer wasn't in the movie. can't wait for it to come out on dvd. seen it 18 times already.
agito on 31 August 2002
i am spider-man fan
terry on 16 July 2002
I don't undrstand at all, I'm not american but to me not showing the trailer because of the towers is in a way letting oussama win one more time by haveing the symbol of american economy taken away AGAIN.
and that's exactly what they want they didn't want to just fall teh towers they wanted to hurt the minds of people by all the little details you think about when you're shaveing, eating, or just waiting for the bus.

what I'm trying to say is that not showing the trailer is playing his game.
spiderman on 12 July 2002
i loved spiderman, i watched the trailor over and over and over until the movie came into the theaters and i had tickets to go see it opening day and i was the first in line and i just can not wait until the second movie comes out, it is going to be amazing
nazz on 8 June 2002
Awesome website...100% recommended !!
Jimmy on 5 June 2002
Please i want to see the Spiderman's new trailer
Susie on 1 June 2002
I can't wait till I can watch this!
dirtyswamp on 29 May 2002
i love u
JORGE GARCIA on 28 May 2002
Char on 20 May 2002
this place rules
Rick on 30 April 2002
Yeah i like the 1st trailer to
carlos on 26 April 2002
just me, but the previous trailers seem cooler.
Alex on 22 April 2002
How cool is this film going to be!
The suspense is killing me.
May 3rd couldn't come quicker.
Amazing website guys keep it up!
spider-man clone on 16 April 2002
this trailer is wick, since I was 1 of the 1s
who requested for it, can't wait 4 the movie!!!!