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SpiderMan 2

3.98/5 (180 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 24/7/04
The Spiderman 2 trailer !
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haroun on 6 October 2008
very good movie
mohemed on 5 July 2008
That Film is very good
XplOrOrOr on 29 September 2004
Oh yeah, as for the TRAILER itself, it was nicely done. It is a NICE example of how to make a NICE movie trailer. It does not show all the big and small surprises, plot twists, and turns. I was a bit annoyed it showed that Peter Parker decides to not be Spider-Man .... that should've been left out of the trailer.

Too bad the movie itself has 30 mins of horrid faults (see my below post).
XplOrOrOr on 29 September 2004
Doc Oc, and the actor who played him, are the standout points of this movie! Doc Oc IS this movie! And is the only redeeming reason to buy this movie, and/or made this movie worth the $10.oo to see it when it first released. The actress who plays MJ does a NICE job too. Ignore the rest of the movie, ignore any scenes NOT with Doc Oc, and this movie is OK.

Not as good as the first one ONLY because of certain parts and scenes. If one can ignore them, then this sequel is better than the first, and one of the best EVER superhero movies! But if one cannot ignore certain parts, then this is an OK movie - definatly worth seeing once... even if you are not into comics, superheros, or Spider-Man.


There is roughly 30 mins of the movie that should have never been in it:

1. The character Peter Parker is NOT a loser, a social outcast... Meaning he DOES know how to act in public, he IS something of a ladies man (meaning he is NOT an ugly guy!).
- The scene where he joins in the Police action while minding his own buisness. (Spider-Man tends to help out the cops ONLY AFTER they get in trouble, NOT while they are doing their job!).
- The scene where the bouncer won't let him into the play, (he would've simply left, then climbed up to a window and got in!!!),
- The scene where he spends 10 mins playing with the closet full of brooms right before he delivers the pizza,
- And the most annoying scene where he's at the party and drops something on the floor and everyone walks by hitting him OVER and OVER! NONE of that stays true to the person Peter Parker. Peter Parker is NOT a synonym for Clark Kent!!!!!

2. The subway car scene - NOWHERE in New York City are there above ground subway trestles in Manhattan between 100th St all the way south to Battery Park. Whoever made movie, produced it, NEVER lived in NYC for a week, and never took the NYC subway system! LOL!

The last scene with the mini-sun sinking in the HUDSON RIVER... The Hudson River would've been BOILED into steam so much that the river bed would be showing! According to the storyline, a field had to contain the mini-sun, and only Doc Oc could hold the mini-sun.

3. WHY THE D---N HELL DOES SPIDER-MAN KEEP ON TAKING OFF HIS MASK?!? And he acts like it is nothing! Why even wear a mask if he keeps going around taking it off every 30 mins!?!???

4. And WORSE OF ALL... SPIDER-MAN's powers turning OFF AND ON randomly?!? WTH?!? The people who made this movie try getting the medical doctor to "explain" their reason for having this happen to Spider-Man 'When one is under extreem stress strange things happen blah blah blah'.

Nahhh.... more like when some Hollywood Executive who has NEVER lived in NYC, NEVER taken the NYC subways, NEVER read nor studied the comics, gets enough power to leave his claw marks all over this movie - garbage like the 4 above mentioned points, is the result. "Geee how about I put this in. Yeah, that looks nice TO ME! Gee what if I put this in! Yeah, that looks nice TO ME! Oh I have another idea that will look nice TO ME, and another idea that will look nice TO ME, and another idea, and an..".

This movie would have been a complete waste of time, complete garbage, but ends up being worthwhile ONLY because of how the character, and surrounding lore, of Doctor Octopus was handled and done - which was beyond perfect!!!
=}KK{=sP!dErGiRl on 26 September 2004
where can i doownload the complete game? on 5 August 2004
Great Movie!