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SpiderMan (WTC Trlr)

4.25/5 (576 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 14/7/01
The Spider Man teaser as I used to be...
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staryava on 5 December 2011
good movie
XplOrOrOr on 29 September 2004
"""The Web-shooters are biological? So what...
( hard to believe they would mutate into wrist shooters though, since a real spider shoots it from it's... well, never mind )""""

-> Real Spiders shoot web from their ABDOMEN. So supposivly Spider-Man would shoot 'biological' webs from his... belly button :)
BTW If I had 1 million bucks I'd give it ALL to this site! Just having up this trailor alone makes this site worth the visit and my discovery of it! Keep up the NICE work webmaster! (pun intended LOL!)
Anyone who did not get to see this in this when it was in theaters have forever missed the big screen, big audiance, experience (unless it gets re-released like Donny Darko!). One of the best Super-Hero movies EVER made... ranking up there with Superman (1981?), Batman(1992?), X-Men, X-Men 2. (Hulk would be included IF they'd cut the last 20 mins *sigh*).
EVERY character was done 100% right on the mark, from Spider-Man to MJ, to Peter Parker to even Uncle Ben.
max on 24 March 2004
i really like spiderman,for me he's the best.the movie deserves award and reward.congrats to all staff and crew of the movie specially to the director,two thumbs up for you sir.
Thanks for keeping the orginal trailer on 19 March 2004
It show true courage and respect for our country.
And those who missed seeing it, get to view the truth of spiderman and the city of New York.
Sean on 29 April 2003
This was a weird trailer
Vulcan Raven on 17 December 2002
WOW!!!! Movie.... ok. But the green goblin really sucks... by the way Spider-Man doesn´t shoot the web through his wrists, he made them himself (he´s a scientist, hello????). Sam Raimi shoud have taken more of the comic than to give it a little spin. The story was cool but it wasn´t the original, what a shame....

I never got to see this trailer on the TV or the movies, but WOW!!! 11 ot of 10 for this trailer.
Crassus on 10 November 2002
Kudos for upholding and maintaining the original trailer involving the World Trade Center. I personally think it was a cop-out for Sony and Columbia to pull out the twin towers from theaters, posters and DVD. It's a wonderful tribute to the spirit behind those 8 walls and thousands of souls who're no longer with us. The very fact that they covered it up with an opt-out tells me all they're worried about is sales. A true artist tells the truth and sticks to reality, however painful, and builds upon that to celebrate and pay tribute to the lives and memories of those lost. Censorship does not.

Those that argue taking out the twin towers was because Sony "didn't want to make money off of the tragedy" aren't thinking about it the right way. Taking the towers out ensured a censored, 'sensitive' approach, thus ensuring the movie wouldn't strike people the wrong way, thus making sales better for them. The sales were improved because of the removal. If they weren't worried about sales, they would have kept the towers in. By taking the towers out, in my opinion, they did injustice to the spirit behind Spiderman, behind the people of New York for having to go through such a horrific event, and to the rest of the world, by showing them that we can't handle pain. Our culture is so weak.

Anyways, thank you for keeping the trailer.
marty f on 23 June 2002
The music from the Spiderman Trailer is by a guy/group called ES Posthumus. The same music was used in the Planet of the Apes (2001) trailer. The piece is called Pompeii, and has also had Nara (Unfaithful) and Menthoulis (PotA(2001)) used in trailers, just for some. Kickass CD tho...
sam on 5 June 2002
great movie overall, but where was spider sense when glider comes up behind him?????

green goblin's costume not impressive, looks like one of those irritating power rangers villain costumes.

where were all the original villains?, like the lizard guy, and the guy with many hands, and rhino???

green goblin concept not impressive, hoping next time more original characters from videogames are used
jbob on 27 May 2002
I thought the movie rocked. I had become disillusioned with the Hollywood action movie for quite and while, and Spiderman reminded me what it was all about. I think it was just about perfect, from the casting to the action scenes to the story to the dialogue. Even the scoring by Danny Elfman, perhaps a modern day Bernard Hermann, was great. It's nice that the public gave it such great recognition too, because hopefully that will influence the studio execs into creating more thoughtful action movies in the future.

da3shou3 on 26 May 2002
What about the music in the trailer found in the official site?

i'm going nutz finding those music
magdi on 18 May 2002
thanks for your product,
hope more helpfull...
Maximo on 8 May 2002

I saw Spiderman and I just can't wait for the sequel ( maybe it's time for that Dr. Octopus/ Sandman pairing, hum Sam Raimi? ).
The changes to the classic profile of our web swinging hero didn't distract much, and neither did the fact that all the actors didn't look much like the Ditko/Romita versions of the characters I grew up with, then again Willem Defoe gives new depth to the Norman Osbourne/Green Goblin duality, and the guy that does J.J.Jameson is funny as hell!!!
The wrestling match, the house on fire scene, the Brooklyn bridge scene, in the end I give this movie two thumbs up, 10 out of 10. More!More!More!
footboy on 5 May 2002
confirmation: movie = good.
Maximo on 30 April 2002

Stop complaining! Spiderman rocks ( for what I've seen so far, the trailers ). So what if:

- Gwen Stacy! Gwen Stacy! What a stupidity to do
the Brooklyn bridge scene with Mary Jane! And Kirsten was BORN to be Gwen!!! So what...
- Willem Defoe is the villain ( among the greatest actors alive ) and the Green Goblin wears a HARD mask? And is CGI most of the time? I wished it was more like Jack's Joker makeup ( Batman I ). So what...
- The Web-shooters are biological? So what...
( hard to believe they would mutate into wrist shooters though, since a real spider shoots it from it's... well, never mind )
So my fellow spiderpeople, keep complaining and I will see the movie before you. I am glad I'll be able to see it in Manhattan, it gives a certain character to the experience. Spiderman has always been my very favorite superhero, the one I grew up with.
And thank the comic overlords the producers of this flick didn't dare revive that stupid 2nd uniform. Bottom line: Get in line, buy the ticket and stop complaining!
nowhere on 27 April 2002
True enough "Babs," but I was perfectly calm. I rarely do the whole "all caps" or "!!!!!" exclamation points thing. But it does irk me that people like to put things down and trash things before they have enough information to go on. Is it guaranteed I'll like the Spider-man movie? No, not at all. I could possibly hate it. But am I going to stay home out of a possibility? No. I don't think Episode II is going to be that wonderful either, but yes, I'll go see it, and give it a chance.

And you state "Silver was just expressing their opinion on a film. They have the right to do that. Maybe he/she was just bored and wanted to make an observation about the film," you contradict that by saying "no one is holding a gun to your head to type a storm," and that I should calm down. If Silver has a right to express their opinion, I have that right too. I think Silver needs to calm down, and you think I need to calm down. What makes his opinion better than mine or visa versa? Nothing. Their both opinions. As is yours.

So I don't see why you want to pick on me for having an opinion as well.
Babs on 25 April 2002
Hey, "Nowhere,"
It would appear to me that the only one who is not calm is you. Silver was just expressing their opinion on a film. They have the right to do that. Maybe he/she was just bored and wanted to make an observation about the film. Nowhere, you need to calm down. No one is holding a gun to your head and making you type up a storm because someone made a comment on a film.
nowhere on 22 April 2002
"Silver"... Sorry, but Spider-man was never a "meaner and moodier" character. He's supposed to be a geeky, joking teenager. In that sense, they got it dead on. And like people have been saying, yeah they changed things... but what they've changed wasn't all that terrible. If they change Shakespeare plays and Stephen King novels while adapting them to movie form, they sure as hell are gonna change Stan Lee's spandex clad character.

If it's not the movie you were hoping for... I have an extremely simple solution; don't go see the movie. If you've already made up your mind about the movie before seeing it, don't go. Save your money and the self imposed migrane. No one is FORCING you to see Spider-man. And if someone is holding a gun to your head to see it, I apolojize, and feel sorry for you. The same goes for any "but the web shooters are wrong" Spidey fans. I've been a fan since the early 80s (as I was 5 years old and trying to learn to read at the time.). Was I disappointed that they made changes to my favorite comic character of all time? Sure, a little. But I'm not to make a stink about it on the net, complain endlessly about an fictional character, and cry myself to sleep over it.

So the bottom line is, chill. If you don't want to see it, close yer damn eyes, and leave the theatre. There, that was easy.

>>From : silver
2001-12-15 22:13:00 (CET) (Posted from : )Damn!!!!!!!!!!!
the movie could have been so much cooler than it will now be. I mean now its like another flashy Batman + teenager stuff. Yippie. Too bad. They should have made it a lot meaner and moodier. I know its like that cuz its based on a cartoon and all but.. ah.. sad. I think its not the movie i am hoping for.
blink2005 on 19 April 2002
WHERE THE HELL CAN I FIND THAT NEW SONG ON THE SPIDER MAN'S NEW TRAILER!! i can't find it anywhere the hero one.
johnboy on 15 April 2002
Props to you for having the WTC preview in your site. I've been looking forever for it.
MKess007 on 15 April 2002
You can download all trailers at
Babs on 13 April 2002
What's the music in the 3rd Spider-Man Trailer and the music in the "Destiny" Spider-Man TV-spot? Does anyone know where I can download it from?
Shroud Shadow on 28 March 2002
Anyone know where one can download (and not just watch) the March 27, 2002 Spider-Man trailer to your computer?
liferiot on 15 March 2002
A brand new our lady peace song will be on the spiderman soundtrack called "Somewhere Out there" this will be amazing
Rachil on 8 March 2002
Thumbs up for keeping the original trailer. Sony should've brought back the original in memorial of the WTC.
vader52199 on 6 March 2002
Whoops, I forgot to list the actual mp3 from the E.S. Posthumous site. It's 'Pompeii.'

You'll recognize it right away.

vader52199 on 6 March 2002
The music featured in the Spidey trailer can be found at this link:

It's apparently been used in numerous trailers.

Anyway, for the best Spidey movie info, check out this website:

sonny on 5 March 2002
When does the Spiderman Soundtrack come out? Please email me.

GumperMan on 2 March 2002
Hey rogueleader6 The Music that's On The Spider-Man trailer in front of Lord of the Rings is from 'Planet of the Apes'! Well, I'm not sure if that answered your question? I know they Play the 'Planet of the Apes' score in the trailer, but the only part of the trailer that I remember the music in is when they show the Green Goblin Flying around on his hover thing and everyone is watching him outside on a building or something! I think it starts when it shows willem defoe starting to change into the green goblin! I hope that helps you some?
Maximo on 1 March 2002

I've seen both trailers & fans should stop
complaining, it's the best Spidey adaptation
so far ( taking in account the T.V. series & cartoons ), so what if it's not perfect in every detail ( the web throwers, for ex. ), no movie ever is, that's why it's called an ADAPT - ation,
adapted for the format.
I wish they had Gwen Stacy in there, though.
Kirsten Durnst could have been a good Gwen too
( she's blonde, ain't she? ).
roger on 23 February 2002
where can i find the new alien ant farm song that will be debuting on the spiderman soundtrack?
space_meat on 12 February 2002
Hey, if anybody sees this, do you have idea where or from who i can download a copy of the origional trailer with the WTC in it?
rogueleader6 on 20 January 2002
Speaking of the music ...
I don't know which of the trailers you guys are talking about, because I didn't download it here. I'm wondering about the latest one that's been playing before Lord of the Rings. I'm trying to find out where the music in the last part came from. Obviously the music in the first part is from the Matrix, but I'm wondering if anybody recognizes it in the last part, where it lists the date and Peter says "I'm Spider Man," and he's on the ceiling and blood drips from his arm and so on. Do you think it's from another movie, or actually original music that would show up on the soundtrack?
silver on 15 December 2001
the movie could have been so much cooler than it will now be. I mean now its like another flashy Batman + teenager stuff. Yippie. Too bad. They should have made it a lot meaner and moodier. I know its like that cuz its based on a cartoon and all but.. ah.. sad. I think its not the movie i am hoping for.
doc on 22 November 2001
I saw this when it came out and thought very little of it to be honest. NOW, it seems rather surreal to watch a a guy swinging through the streets of New York in a spiderman outfit and the most unbelievable thing about it is that the towers are not there any more. Nice to see that you have the traier. I imagine that it will appear on the 25th anniversary DVD or something but I doubt they will use it again otherwise. No one would ever want to be seen to be making money out of the tradgedy.
Morpheus on 14 November 2001
It sounds like you are a bit too obsessed with The Matrix. Please come back to reality with the rest of us. It's only a movie, which you had nothing to do with. Spiderman will be another movie of which you will have nothing to do with. It's "ok" for them to use matrix music in a teaser trailer. It's "ok". Everything is going to be "ok." I gave you that red pill for a reason. Come back to the real world, neo.

rumplestiltskin on 12 November 2001
Kudos for having the original trailer with the WTC.
vagabondage on 17 October 2001
so is this the original trailer, or the edited "sensitive" trailer?
Howie Lunatic on 3 October 2001
Er, I'm Howie, from Lunatic Calm, who wrote the music some of you have been discussing. The song used in the trailer is 4 years old now and I'm sick to death of it, but we get requests every week from movie & TV types to use it... those people just love to stick with a winning formula. Sure, The Matrix was supacool and I'd have been more than happy to keep it exclusive to one movie, but hey, Spiderman came along, and I LOVE Spiderman. What's a boy to do?! Here's hoping the movie does the character credit. And a big up to for still carrying the trailer. Peace, Howie.
Saint84Ak on 29 September 2001
I agree with judgespawn, I think it's great they're making movies about great comic book heroes like Spiderman and the X-men but the writers and directors are totally screwing up the story and attributes of the characters from the comics. The X-men movie was way off the comics and I hate to think of what they've done with Spidey.
BGR on 25 September 2001
Thanks for having the trailer. This is the only site I found that still has it available, as Sony pulled the teaser from it's site.
Lucretia on 14 September 2001
Teaser trailers aren't usually in the finished film.

Also, the film is out in March 2001, not that far away really, and AFAIK, the film is pretty much complete.

I personally think it's going to rock.
NeoMatrix008 on 9 August 2001

Can you read very well? If you can, you have a great lack of the ability to understand what someone is trying to say. Did I say that the movie was going to look terrible or be a bad production? No, I don't believe so. Also, I don't believe I'm trying to get you not excited about this movie either. I had one small, very small complaint about the music used in the trailers. So don't tell me to stop whining about the music, because it is an opinion and evidently, you probably haven't seen The Matrix, which I can't believe. peace and out.
Vince on 3 August 2001
Cool trailer,but what are they trying to do to us.
7 seconds of Spidey, come on who gives a monkeys about guys robbing a bank. More Spidey please
missy on 1 August 2001
come on, stop whining about the music - it looks fantastic!

sam raimi + spiderman = what more could anyone possibly want?

i'm determined to remain excited about this movie.....
NeoMatrix008 on 1 August 2001
To Batman--

I understand what you're trying to say. Don't get me wrong, Spiderman is probably gonna be one of the sweetest movies that come out in a long time. It's just that after seeing The Matrix a gillion times and having the cool effects in the movie accompanied by electronic-rock style music tends to develop a relationship between the movie and the music. Everytime I hear Spybreak or mindfields, or anything that sounds like Matrix music, I think of the Matrix. It's not a big deal, especially for everyone else, but I guess I'm trying to say that each individual movie needs to come up with their own separate music to associate with. Thanks for the little response. out.
Loops on 31 July 2001
Everything Ive seen of Spidey so far looks great.
Still negative stuff all around.

The shakey cam work is as we all know a newish way to lend movies some realism..

Spidey can bench press up to 10 tonnes on a good day.

Music has always been used to lend new movies a sense of familiarity.....its daft but sometimes its the distributers that make thse decisions.

After the X-Men Spidey should make possible better Marvel hero movies. Go check out attemps at Spidey in the past.
I reckon its the say its crap and I look cool syndrom.

But hey that just my opinion too.
Batman on 31 July 2001
To NeoMatrix008:

Don't be discouraged about the music. The movie is still a year away, and most movie trailers contain music from previous movies. The music is always one of the last things done for a movie. Trust me, Spiderman's soundtrack will be something you won't be disappointed in.
yipeee on 29 July 2001
FYI to the guy that said spiderman wan't that strong in the comics, He actually had Super Strength and could bench something like 5 or 10 tons.
Zink on 17 July 2001
Looks like it'll be pretty cool. Love the body movement of spiderman on the shots of him swinginging through the city!!!
Neomatrix008 on 16 July 2001
This was a weird trailer. The camera work was bad and it did not look like something in a movie.

The thing that really ticks me off is that the two spiderman trailers include music from The Matrix. It's not right to use music from the sweetest movie on another movie. Matrix music is the coolest music, but it is stupid that another movie has so far ripped two songs on two trailers. Unbelievable. I guess for the soundtrack they will stick a spiderman picture in place of Neo on the cd. dissapointed and out.
judgespawn on 16 July 2001
Well they managed to screw up another marvel comic spiderman but the web that shoots out is from his arm not a invented device by peter parker why cant these hollywood directors get it right this is a sham again!
TM on 15 July 2001
Very disappointing. It's only a trailer, and supposedly might not even be a scene in the film, but still. The shaky-cam work was awful. The editing was done by quisinart. The cgi was weak like the wall crawling mummy's in Mummy Returns. And for Spiderman to be able to pull the helicopter like that requires an amount of strength much greater than he ever had in the comic books.

I love Raimi's Dead trilogy and have been an avid Spiderman fan since I was a kid, so I'm still trying to hope for the best. But this teaser makes me fear the worst.
Batman on 15 July 2001
This just wets my appetite for more. Even though it's still nearly a year away, I'm extremely excited. It would be cool to actually see some of the story, though.

I'll agree with Voxxer though, there is cool music going on when you see Spiderman
Voxxer on 15 July 2001
Well, I'll probably will see the movie after watching this..

It is like the averange action movie trailer..
2.hero enters scene with cool music
3.victory for the hero