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Twisted Fates

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donwloadUploaded on 28/10/02
"Twisted Fates" is my second fully animated television commerical for a non-government charity in Cape Town, South Africa. I am Deaf student of Universal Computer Arts Academy and my objective is to create an emotional impact on audience. Any comments will be appreciated.
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Paige on 10 July 2008
This is so moving.

You've done an exceptional job on this.
If this 30 second clip doesn't make people want to help, I don't know what will...

A lot of thought has gone into this, I know.
You'll inspire a lot of people...

Jou Meneer on 4 February 2007
Hi Braam,

Ek is baie trots op jou werk!! Ek het altyd geweet dat jy iemand spesiaal is!
Marel on 28 March 2005
Great job, nice animation, moving and I enjoy your animation. Hope you have enjoy it.
You should be very proud!

:-) Marel
SPACEJ on 17 February 2004
Very impressive. The revelation at the end is extremely effective, it made me physically sit up!
Frosty on 31 January 2004
Great work!

As an ex South African living in the USA I really enjoyed your work. It reminded me of the fantastic TV commercials there are in SA. The only time we see decent commercials here is during Super Bowl.

My wife and I have been thinking of starting an charity geared towards helping South African aids orphans and I think that your work has helped make up our minds.

Snake Eyes on 24 September 2003
I saw this clip on the network at colledge and loved it.

Yes, I'm a student at UCA and loving every second of it, just wish i could've met Braam, might have been interesting.

Casanunda Hein on 31 December 2002
.....Excellent Work.....

In This Hitech World We Live In Today I'm Sorry To Say That Not Much Impress Me Any More.

Proud To Say That Your 30 Seconds Really Moved Me.

First Man On Mars.....
Who Hasn't Dreamed Distant Dreams Of Far Of Places......

Brought Tears To My Eyes

Thanks For Your Effort..
Thanks For Making It.
TripleJay58 on 5 December 2002
Change nothing - very moving and powerful.
Peter den Hartogh on 4 December 2002
Hi, I am Braams lecturer and I would like to comment on your great responses.

When you create a TV commercial, you have to ask yourself: Who is the target audience

and... What do I want the audience to do, after they have seen this commercial?

As this commercial was designed to raise money for a charity organisation, we had to

achieve 2 goals:
1)appeal to people with money (parents) who already know the danger of Aids
2)compel them to write out a check for the charity organisation.
That is why we wanted the dreams to be bigger.

If the goal was to create Aids awarenes among children, then you would be correct

about the dreams you are referring to, of course.

If you want to create award winning animations, I recommend you follow a 2 year

animation course right here in South Africa at a fraction of the cost in your country.
We are the biggest and best on this continent and the only educational institution

authorised to issue International Certificates for both Alias|Wavefront Maya and 3D

Studio Max 5. For a career in 3D Animation I suggest you visit and


Happy animating!

Peter den Hartogh
Universal Computer Arts Academy
Me You on 4 December 2002
great job, nice animation, moving.

the part with the future jobs was good, but i agree with zinnie, the jobs little kids dream. i think it would be more moving to see that their dreams, the dreams that we all once shared, will never become a reality.

keep up the good work, and thnx

zinnie on 29 November 2002
great work braam! very tasteful!

i'm sure youll get plenty of praise for this one!

so heres some constructive criticism... i recommend changing the "first man on mars / award-winning actress / president" to stuff like "firefighter / ballerina / scientist" - stuff that small kids dream of. i reckon it will create more emotional impact because for the children you show these (their) dreams will never come true.

take care & keep me posted!

z :)

Alexander Pappas on 29 October 2002
Nice work Braam!

Infact, very nice. Really well animated. You should be very proud!