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Sapporo Beer Commercial - Legendary Biru
  • 5.00/5
(2:02) in Commercials
Amazing commercial for the Sapporo Japanese beer !
More info on :

Alpha Omega
  • 4.00/5
(2:27) in Trailers
Alpha and Omega is about two mismatched wolves who must band together if they want to survive.

The Great Fakir
  • 2.97/5
(3:44) in Animations
What happens when a screwball magician botches up the infamous saw-a-person-in-half trick? Let's just say, it ain't magic!

Clik Clak
  • 3.51/5
(5:39) in Animations
Logique événement dans robots univers boum langage théière subjectif et plaf loufoque !

Clik clak is a wonderful animation brought to you by 3 french students. It\'s like a domino fall out, but with objects and sounds are words that defines a robotic langage...

Even if you do not speak French at all, you\'ll enjoy it as well !

  • 0.00/5
(2:29) in Trailers
The first trailer (not teaser) for Up !

The Venus Pussytrap
  • 4.00/5
(3.19) in
Françoise Yip is China Bomb. And she has fought both
Jet Li (Black Mask, Romeo Must Die) and Jackie Chan
(Rumble in the Bronx). Now watch her mix it up with
Countermeasures G as he attempts to hijack the future
of internet film.

Sorry this film is no more available here

007 - The World is not Enough
  • 3.89/5
(2:12) in Trailers
The World is not Enough trailer

  • 2.43/5
(4:24) in Animations
Marvin has the most boring job in the universe - but all is not as it seems...

720P Quicktime & MKV HD Version + more info available at our website:

Direction: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
Modelling & Character animation: Søren Andersen & Michael la-Cour
Original Music & Sound Editing: Rasmus Kudahl Kaae Munch
Production: JUNK

Originally premiered at BreakPoint '08 in Bingen, Germany where it won the 1st prize in the animation competition.

Tronçonneuse Fever
  • 3.04/5
(1:36) in Animations
How to get rid of this meat stucked in your mouth ?

Puppet Outset
  • 3.51/5
(1:10) in Animations
A comical animation depicting the antics of two laurel and hardy minded mannequin puppets.
The animation had to be made in 1 week so that the author could put it on a portfolio he was sending out.
Andrew is a freelance 3D artist/animator, living in London and currently doing an M.A in Digital moving image.

  • 5.00/5
(0:26) in Animations
Short Animation

A Bug's Life
  • 3.60/5
(2:29) in Trailers
A Bug's Life Trailer

The Golden Compass
  • 3.13/5
(2:30) in Trailers
The Golden Compass first teaser trailer !

Myst III
  • 3.32/5
(2:35) in Trailers
One of my favourite games. Wonderful trailer if you like Myst...

Toy Story 3 - Trailer 3
  • 5.00/5
(2:18) in Trailers
Watch and download the 3rd trailer of Toy Story from Pixar Studios.

  • 3.29/5
(0:45) in Animations
A trailer of a short film Mantis by Grzegorz Jonkajtys
A 6 min CG animation made using Cinema 4DXL on a Mac.

  • 3.53/5
(2:21) in Trailers
Disney's Dinosaurs trailer

  • 3.83/5
(2:51) in Trailers
The Ali movie trailer.

Frankenstein vs the Wolfman
  • 2.45/5
(19:56) in Animations
See it in 3-D at! When a series of werewolf attacks plagues a small mountain community, a trio of pickpockets teams up with the outcast Frankenstein Monster to discover who the Wolfman is in human form - and how to stop it before it kills again!

Perfect Storm
  • 3.14/5
(2:27) in Trailers
Perfect Storm Trailer