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Showreel 2001
  • 3.14/5
(3:12) in Animations
Showreel 2001 is based around 2 characters that do their thing in front of the camera. The first fella is "Spaceboy" who runs and jumps about in a space like fashion. The Second character is called "Monkey", and he has some amusing suspires for you to.

Lord of the Reticulum
  • 3.15/5
(3:04) in Animations
This is episode "zero" of an episodic drama set in the distant future. It is about a warrior of a conquering race who becomes sypathetic to the cause of the enemy.

The Dark Knight
  • 3.02/5
(2:30) in Trailers
The 3rd trailer of the Dark Knight, from Warner Bros Studios.

The Fear
  • 2.95/5
(2:26) in Animations
Horror short film

The Smurfs Trailer
  • 4.00/5
(0:59) in Trailers
The first teaser trailer of the Smurfs from Sony Pictures Animation.

Starring: Hank Azaria, Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays, Sofia Vergara, Anton Yelchin

Dolby Digital Egypt
  • 4.02/5
(0:37) in Trailers
Your Pocket Home-Theater ;)

  • 3.43/5
(3:05) in Animations
A short film about an awkward gnome, a red ball, and a touch of fantasy.

Minority Report
  • 4.11/5
(1:20) in Trailers
The new Spielberg movie to come summer 2002. With Tom Cruise.

Men Of Honor
  • 4.07/5
(2:28) in Trailers
Men of Honor trailer

The Dreamer
  • 3.35/5
(4:57) in Animations
This is a 5 minute film about a little wooden artist's mannequin who dreams of being on the stage. His dream sees him dancing like Michael Jackson, impersonating Groucho Marx, and becoming a great Magician. But does it make him happy?

  • 5.00/5
(4:01) in Animations
He has hope in life, walks through the world sowing joy for our planet. (FELICIANO ESPERANÇA) is his name.

The Clone Wars
  • 3.12/5
(2:14) in Trailers
The animated series : The Clone Wars first trailer.

  • 3.17/5
(1:56) in Animations
"Mano" is Dror's first 3d movie.
It is about a lock named "Mano" which has lost his key while sleeping.
The movie was made as his first project in 3d animation "camera obscura" (a school of visual arts in Israel). He used 3dmax as main 3d program and after effects for some basic effects.

Circle in a square world
  • 3.22/5
(1:47) in Animations
This was a sort of an experimental piece concentration on movement, camera angles, and in general conveying emotion through gesture... Please note the title of this short film "Circle in a square world", will all make sense after you watch the movie. For more visit the author's site.

The Incredible Hulk
  • 2.90/5
(2:07) in Trailers
The Teaser 1 for the Incredible Hulk movie trailer.

Lets Moooose Around
  • 3.41/5
(1:43) in Animations
As seen on nikelodeon uk, a stuffed moose head trying to enjoy his love for music.But his nemesis.. the fly.. always stands in the way.
Software 3DS Max - Produced by atomic arts

Created and directed by : Saul Freed
3d artists: Yuval Nathan and Saul Freed
Sound: ohpir Gal

Java Noir
  • 3.52/5
(6:03) in Animations
In this spoof of 40s noir films, Dennis the dog plays a world-weary veteran just back from WWII. Tired of drinking Uncle Sam's "fresh-perked monkey mud", all he wants to do is have a nice, hot cup of coffee. Before long, he's caught up in a twisted web of obsession and betrayal, as he vies with the dark forces of the Java underworld for a mysterious sack of coffee beans. Will Dennis prevail over mobsters, hit men, and a dangerous, straw-carrying Femme Fatale?

  • 3.55/5
(2:52) in Animations
Two guys in a truck arguing ! See how the faces expression are rendered.

The Illusionist
  • 5.00/5
(1:29) in Trailers
Discover 'The Illusionist' the new animated feature film from the director of Belleville Rendez-Vous Sylvain Chomet

Wall-E (Trailer 3)
  • 2.91/5
(2:30) in Trailers
The third trailer for Wall-E from Pixar studios.