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Lord of the Reticulum

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donwloadUploaded on 22/4/01
This is episode "zero" of an episodic drama set in the distant future. It is about a warrior of a conquering race who becomes sypathetic to the cause of the enemy.
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DAT48 on 17 December 2006
- thanks for letting us download.
Dragonius on 25 July 2001
not seen it yet... downloading it now

anyone seen the error in the website link?
voxxer on 29 April 2001
I wan't to see the whole when it's done... ;)
It's not dreamworks, but it's far past very good ;)

(Sounds a itty pitty bit like homeworld but it's great anyway...)
2001_DynamicPlanet_CivicCoupe_EX on 27 April 2001
Jeff Spencer has pulled it through successfully with this first 'internet' animation rendition representing Dynamic Planet Studios. The narrative, soundscore, and effects help bring more of the composition to it's arsenal added along with the CG. I do have to recommend that it's best to see the work itself on a wide screen tv rather than that of the internet which achieves only a fair, subtled quality. Hopefully Mr. Spencer will launch more episodes to this 'Reticulum' story in the times to come. Being a member of the Studios myself, I give applause to Jeff and those who worked so hard in this project. For all of you who haven't checked out our site yet, I recommend it. The site is Feel free to browse!
Zag_Nut on 27 April 2001
OMG..can it be? Finnaly a decent story to go with cool CG!!! Nice work ppl :) cool site too.
thomas_4d on 24 April 2001
very cool story looking forward to the next one :)