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donwloadUploaded on 5/3/01
Dennis the dog (the Java Noir hero) stars as both master and marionette, dancing to Charles Gounod's "Funeral March of a Marionette", better known as the theme from "Alfred Hitchcock Presents".
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puddytat on 2 March 2004
AWESOME Movie!!!!Pretty COOL!!!
animaniac on 19 February 2002
Just 58 votes for that piece???? It is awesome - so well animated and hilarious!
eddy vor on 29 March 2001
Cool animation + funny story .. I like it. :)
Voxxer on 17 March 2001
Ok... Great animation...nice ending...great music sync...
Overall: good movie
Missed on: Exciting story
Olyoptics on 11 March 2001
Totally useless
Shreky Green on 11 March 2001
That was pretty cool. The timing of the movements with the music is perfect.
Torgo on 10 March 2001
Raf is always excellent, and Animation Master (Hash, Inc.) is one of the best 3d tools ever. It costs about 50x less than Maya, is simpler, and has a much better workflow. Sometimes cheaper is better! I was hooked after about a month.
Olicam on 6 March 2001
Soooo Greeat :)). animation is perfect and sound syncro too.. The ambience is woderful and i think is the one of best short cg movie that i have never seen..
GS on 6 March 2001
I am a 3D graphics designer and I am completely in love with the animation in this clip!! It is absolutely incredible! The time and perfection of it is wonderful! I hope you enjoy it, which I am sure you will!