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donwloadUploaded on 13/3/01
Duality is our follow-up to Duel. Our intention was twofold: make a better Duel, while simultaneously making a different, more interesting Duel. This meant challenging ourselves. While Duel was shot on location in the dunes behind Pismo Beach, Duality is shot against bluescreen. Completely. There are no sets, no locations, and only two props. Read it and weep, George.
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DAT48 on 17 December 2006
Excellent action and music - - thanks for letting us download.
Gizmo on 17 January 2003
Very good. Excellent production values, and a wry twist of humour.
Zinkers on 9 December 2002
Excellent short...very well done. We all draw inspiration from somewhere, and in this case it's Star Wars. How many times have you seen people attempt Star Wars clips but go this far with it...never!! You guys are obviously Lucas fans, because nobody would make anything of this caliber without admiration of the source. Great job guys... will be waiting for the next!!
Atul on 25 November 2002
This is no way a 3D animation. It is just a live action mixed with some special effects. I don't think that it fits in 3D animation catagory in any way. Moreover this clip is so f**king stupid that its no worth downloading, especially if you are looking for 3D animation!
Robert on 27 March 2002
An extremely well done clip. I was very impressed, especially when in comparison to other attempts to make lightsaber videos. This video contained exactly what lightsaber videos should have, fighting and little attempt at "serious" acting. Nothing quite as irritating as those who try to act out scenes....and aren't actors. Great points for originality as well. Refreshing to see a new perspective instead of attempts to duplicate what was on the big screen already. Great work fellas.

P.S. Don't mind those whining about your "insult" comment "Read it and weep, George". Anyone with decent reading skills can tell exactly what you're really saying.
Netvudu on 7 April 2001
This short is way cool, but I´m writing this to answer all those "George Lucas defenders" around here.
I know the guys who made this film, from sharing comments for some months now at an SW fan film forum, and let me say that as far as I know, these guys worship George Lucas!!! That was precisely their reason for making the short, so all the comments about their lack of respect for him are really out of place.
The comment "read it and weep,George" was referred to the fact that (as they wrote above) their budget and number of actors and props was as low as ridiculous, while Lucas spends millions of dollars with each film.Nothing more, nothing less. So, stop all this critizicing for thie lack of respect, because there´s no lack of it, just the opposite...
Kagemusha on 30 March 2001
Cool short guys, really nice job. One of my favorite parts of any Star Wars flic is the lightsaber battles. (Probably because I am a student of swordsmanship in general, and feel that it is an artform, not just a fighting style, there's just something beautiful about it)

Speaking of which, did anyone notice that Obi-wan, in A New Hope, used a fighting style much like that of someone with a large two-handed sword, yet in Ep 1 his style is portrayed as something more akin to the use of a katana, or other japanese sword?

"these guys should do episode 2"?? I hope you mean the cg animation...

Incase you didn't know, all six star wars movies were written at the same time.

And now that Lucas has the ability to do whatever he pleases (from a cinematic standpoint), thanks to the wonders of computer animation, there aren't liable to be as many revisions and compromises as he had to make in episodes 4-6.

Nothing is really 'impossible' to shoot now, so there's no reason for him to really change anything...

Although that still doesn't give him an excuse for that Special Edition BS in the cantina where he changed it so Greedo fired first... (That goes against the character of Han Solo!!)

But now I'm just ranting... (What? Can't tell the difference? Bah...)

This is all just my humble opinion as an animator.

Btw: was all the character anim mocap? It looked too realistic to be keyframe animation... Also, you guys should make a higher-res version available, this one is so small it's hard to see much detail even at 800x600
Dave on 29 March 2001
I'd have to agree with everyone who posted comments here - the short film is excellent! It is very well done, nicely conceived and outstandingly executed. But I also agree with Jim who wrote: "but it lost a couple points with me for the producers egotistical comment to George Lucas." Come on, "Read and weep, George."? The man is an incredible filmmaker. I'm not sure exactly what these two filmmakers meant by the remark - perhaps they didn't mean it the way it sounded. Though... better to think about it before you commit it to print next time. You obviously have talent - try not to tarnish it with poorly chosen words. Unless of course you are conceited and arrogant...
Jim on 27 March 2001
This film was very good, but it lost a couple points with me for the producers egotistical comment to George Lucas. Hey...he is THE CREATOR of the concept of Star Wars, he was THE FIRST to make a film of that type, that achieved cinamatic excellence, and the producers of this film should give the respect to Mr. Lucas that he deserves, AND give him the credit, where credit is due. These days, that kind of attitude in Hollywood won't help you, AT ALL!!!
Paul on 27 March 2001
I guess it was too late to get this clip
into the Oscars, for Best Short.
But I suppose we should be looking for it
next year.

I'm almost surprised we didn't have to pay
admission to see it...
BMyke on 21 March 2001
I love this movie!! This is what a Star Wars movie should be, so if George was smart, he'd call these guys. Amateurs? They look the future of the Star Wars Saga to me. Great work!!
thomas_4d on 19 March 2001
one of the best short movie's i have seen !!!!!!
f#*king excellent
if you havn't downloaded it get it now !
great job, great movie,!!
hope you guys do some work on the next
star wars move !!!
Voxxer on 17 March 2001
Are these guys amatures? Don't think so :)
This is so cool...
I know I said I'm a little sick of the whole starwars thing but this.....yeahaw!
For fast-connection-users:
go to thier homepage and download some behind the screens movies.... So cool...
Overall: GREAT!
Missed on: Some metaltextures/enviorment could have looked more "used"....but besides from that this movie is well worth downloading..
tom359 on 16 March 2001
eddy on 14 March 2001
Please give us again