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donwloadUploaded on 7/6/01
Perestroika was Created as a form of representing a sudden change. Though its Russian Political ties are evident, "perestroika", meaning restructuring, is to be taken in the more literal sense of the word. It is rather an individuals realization to change what he once believed to be something else. Aided by his aboriginal self, his actions threaten to throw the balance off current reality.
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dat48 on 10 October 2007
Excellent animation - thanks for letting us download and see
huskey-style on 27 November 2003
very brillant and detailed. who cares the story when the animation is such nearly perfect........ in my opinion..
Dx on 27 December 2002
like dark city
evileye on 12 July 2001
what, no more comments? :)
Not every story is handed down on a silver plater.
TM on 28 June 2001
Good visuals, dull story.
AstroBlitz on 27 June 2001
The animation, effects, art and sound were stunning...but the plot was far too symbolic for me to understand. If you can interpret this Russian dream-like story, let me know.
animator on 26 June 2001
I don't get it.
FireDesign on 19 June 2001
I was very nice indeed. I just wish someone could make a 15 min. 3D movie or something =)

If anyone knows of any mail me and give me link
Voxxer on 13 June 2001
Great enviorment..
Really, really good movement..
Great effects..
Great characters..

I don't like politics getting into movies..
I didn't quite get the story...
Everything is probably represented is real life somehow..
But, not counting the story, it's great..
DoctorJ on 10 June 2001
This movie rocks! Keep an eye open foe it @ Siggraph 2001.
thomas_4d on 9 June 2001
very cool a world in another dimension
world that twists the brian look excellent :)
lightwave rocks !!