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The Lunch

4.09/5 (229 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 6/5/01
"Lunch", a 3 minute CG film, is the comic tale of a man and his dog as they eat their lunch. Soon the man's disappointment with the same ol' sandwich leads him on a quest for a tastier meal.
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droo on 10 February 2005
hey keith,

lot's of fun, the payoff is great and the buildup is totally worth it.
Knox on 10 January 2004
I'm giving you a 10.
This one deserves a top spot.
Awsome movement and animation, and a briliant idea.
Phil on 30 July 2002
Way Cool Keith...
That's one smart dog...
God bless..

Send me an email... I have a question for you.
sbc on 8 May 2002
Love it!!! Great story line and great ending.

Keep it it now.
ray on 2 May 2002
Best idea and animation that i've seen in a while. Great job man.
Legend on 12 March 2002
Really fun animation... i like it very much
svo on 9 June 2001
Voxxer on 13 May 2001
Liked the colors..
Nice animated..
This simple yet great..
I would have atleast taken a chop of the other side though ;)
thomas_4d on 9 May 2001
very cute animation :)
I liked the whole back&white background,vs
color character's thing :)
most excellent