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donwloadUploaded on 3/7/01
RAVEN : a Spawn-type character who returns from hell to hunt down renegade demons on earth who have aligned with a shadowy syndicate on Earth.
The film was done completely by me using an average desktop PC and 3D animation software.
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highboy on 23 March 2002
i like koala yummies
Matt on 10 February 2002
I am 15 years old and I have Poser and Bryce as well. I have not made my first animated short with tham yet, but I'd like to thankyou because you have motivated me to get started on it. Great Job On The Raven, and good luck in the future.
Voxxer on 15 July 2001
I'm going for a little shorter critic version ;)
Story: well, I'm not a "spawn type" so I didn't find it great but..I guess it's ok..
Visual: nice enviorment, "not so good" movement..
Sound: good, never reacted negative..
Overall: To be so long and (as I got it) a one-man project it was very good..
It felt like this was meant to read more then watch though..

Meatycheesyboy on 12 July 2001
I just finished watching Raven and have to admit that I was very impressed with the fact that it was 23 minutes long. It takes alot of dedication to complete a project of this magnitude so I commend you on that. I unfortunately did not like the final piece though. For the sake of good criticisms, I'll break it down into elements and tell you exactly what I did and did not like.


The story was very trite and cliche. Although I realize that you were going for a Spawn type of story and atmosphere, it seemed as though Raven was taken directly from an issue of Spawn. It was just a little too close for me. Truly original ideas are hard to come up with, but that is why it is important to come up with them so that you can interest your audience with something that they've never seen before.

Visuals (Including Modelling and animation):

I wasn't very fond of the visual stylings of the film either. Most of my disdain for the visuals stems from the lighting. Through almost the entire 23 minutes that the movie was playing, I could barely make out what was going on.

The models had very little character to them and seemed very lifeless throughout the movie. The animation was usually stiff at best. Your animation skills show promise, it'll just take alot more practice to really improve on them. The reason that the charaters lacked and character stems from the fact that they were just Poser models. Modelling your own characters can really help to show some of your own style in a piece and is far more rewarding than using Poser models. (If you are interested in learning to model in 3d but can't afford a 3d package, then might I suggest Blender, its a free 3d program that is very full featured.)


The music in the movie was never intrusive but it never really added to the movie either so I guess it was about average. Some of the sound effects were used to pretty good effect, while others seemed kind of odd and out of place. The voice acting was pretty emotionless throughout. I realize that you probably didn't have a budget and had to use friends but the acting was pretty bad.


The direction in the movie is its best trait in my opinion. From what I could tell, the direction showed everything very clearly and was never too fast or too confusing.


Sorry about the harsh critique, but I think that it will help you too realize some of the things that you can work on to make future realeases better. I think that perhaps you should realease subsequent episodes of Raven in shorter segments, perhaps 2-5 minutes. This will allow you to better integrate new things you've learned into future realeases without making any one episode seem like it is not continual. Just keep practicing, like I said, it shows alot of dedication and hard work to make an animation that is 23 minutes long and you definately show alot of promise, just keep at it.
marcy on 5 July 2001