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Tronçonneuse Fever

3.04/5 (70 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 18/2/01
How to get rid of this meat stucked in your mouth ?
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mp on 30 August 2001
Anybody who didn't rate this doesn't have a sense of humour. The French guy s3k who said "nul" ie rubbish, must be an idiot.

This just shows the frustration of a man at the end of his tether over one of life's little annoyances, and the very IDEA that he would consider the chainsaw is really funny.

Nice one, please do some more.
svo on 9 June 2001
I thought that some introduction in the beginning of the story could be nice, since it's not clear why and what happens unless you have read the commentary about meat in teeth. But lighting and camera work is excellent. Character animation is good too.
Voxxer on 28 February 2001
I think Dick G. said about need for me to repeat it..
but I think the house/enviorment is great..

-Note, that as always, I think it's a great thing that someone has done a movie...It's pretty hard and takes long time...I tried and gave up.. + to you all who stood by your 3D-MAX (or whatever)
nixx on 23 February 2001
excellent stuff dude

you should continue with this work, I shall be looking forward to it :)

Dick Goezinya on 19 February 2001
"How to get rid of this meat stucked in your mouth ?" Hmm, perhaps with " all your base is ours," to quote another odd phrase. The 3D animation and 3D camera work is good; alas, the story is rather disinteresting, and nearly 1/3 of the movie is composed of the credit roll. At least its not yet another 3D animation featuring an insect/spaceship/Bryce landscape.
PocketMovies on 18 February 2001
Well that is a very well developped comment !
I agree that you may or may not like everything here but the author (wich is also a friend) has spent time on this and the end is quite funny.
So please do avoid this "one word comment" or I'll have to validate every comment in the future.
s3k on 18 February 2001