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donwloadUploaded on 18/2/01
Two guys in a truck arguing ! See how the faces expression are rendered.
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sbc on 8 May 2002
Can't anyone make a little film and not use body function. Disgusting!!!

Other than that. Loved the Truckers talking and going on's. Keep up the good work.
pixelwks on 9 November 2001
Very good. Had an interesting message and was entertaining.
michaeldigital on 11 March 2001
Lip Syncing could have been better and the story was shallow.
It's a start.
Voxxer on 28 February 2001
Great effects..
Great animation..
different story..
*Really good voices and lipsync.
Jakub on 25 February 2001
Great animation!!!
Piss funny too. Would have liked to see more of the truck...but I laughed a lot.
Great job!!!
thomas4d on 19 February 2001
very cool lip syncing work, pretty funny too :)
Tony Soprano on 19 February 2001
Hey, funny flick with good 3D animation, despite that annoying URL scrawled on it.
Lasseter on 18 February 2001
I'm a french guys and"-Je n'ais jamais vu quelque chose de pareil!!!"