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Ray Tracey in Tilt Movie

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donwloadUploaded on 27/1/01
2 Minutes, 1 Hovercar, a Thousand Obstacles. Ray Tracey, a sassy speed demon, has just two minutes to race and catch a screening of the Electronic Theater. Unfortunately for our heroine, she must evade the pursuit of the dangerous “Cop-Cycles” and “Heli-Cop-Ters”, who will spare no fire-power to stop her journey.
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ALOS on 19 June 2003
It kicks a%s!!!!!!
MIKA on 27 February 2001
Voxxer on 30 January 2001
It's a great one! Even though the matrix copying *ahem*. New ideas folks....
Other than that...Great!
Bennyboy on 28 January 2001
Brilliant short movie, especially the matrix style, bullet time bit, download this, 2 and a half minutes of excitment and damn good animation!!!