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donwloadUploaded on 11/1/01
This is a animation about Liberty. Watch this woman fly with great music.
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DAT48 on 17 December 2006
- thanks for letting us download.
underground on 7 January 2005
this was a wonderful movie, i love the music and the animation is awsome!
Penna on 1 July 2004
Very cool movie. I love it.
Can you send me the name of music
sbc on 20 May 2002
This was a visual film, that was beautifully orchestrated. Enjoyed it and keep up the great work..
arhil on 24 January 2002
I don't know anything about the mechanics of animation, but from the perspective of an art appreciator, this is a beautiful piece. The visual and musical content complement each other to a high degree. I was absolutely enchanted!
DemolishMan on 24 August 2001
Very cool movie !! i love it!!
doktorf on 17 July 2001
This is a mostly pretty looking little film, but what were those high heels doing on the character? They really looked pretty stupid in the context of this movie!
It has the look of a student project that was made with the idea in mind of learning a few standard CGI tricks.
Mad_Datta on 4 February 2001
This one is pretty good, thanx!
Voxxer on 21 January 2001
End was best