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Pump Action

3.91/5 (128 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 13/1/01
I realy like this one ! If you have seen Reservoir Dogs, this animation of Captain 3D will remind you of it. If you go the official site you'll see all the awards this animation has won !
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dat48 on 17 December 2006
Well done - thanks for letting us download.
lbcfreak_78 on 27 June 2002
I loved it!... I am thinking that the people who didn't appreciate this short are all the people that have never scene resivoir dogs!... it had great animation, smooth transitions, and was a great play on the movie... but in the movie, the baloon would have lost an ear if I remember corectly. good job friend
sydman on 30 January 2002
Pretty funny idea to start with, too bad the story is so weak! Excellent graphics, but the animator should tighten up the timing and pace as well.
System-X on 13 January 2002
Pump Action is a good example of what Maxon's C4d can do. A good story and clever char. designs. You really feel sorry for the little ballon animals!
Carrion on 28 October 2001
The animation is very well done. The scenes are great and the characters are perfect for the script. But ultimately it's not very entertaining and slow moving. Not worth the download. (*----)
grantly on 3 October 2001
good really funny exellent smoothe graphics
Voxxer on 21 January 2001
Great animation!
I didn't like the ending :)
Loïc Surprenant on 15 January 2001
that is the kind of idea I need for my 3d clips!
well done by the way !
PocketMovies on 13 January 2001
I am really impressed by the quality of this animation. This ballons have very well done expression. This is really the movie of the week !