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Caterpillar Tracks

3.82/5 (256 votes)
Downloads : 19421
donwloadUploaded on 18/2/01
Caterpillar Tracks is a black comedy about a caterpillar's struggle through life. An alliance of 3D, computer generated characters with live action backgrounds.
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DAT48 on 17 December 2006
- thanks for letting us download.
G1 on 28 October 2002
Great graphics. Average storyline.
R on 30 March 2001
Its very cool!
The truth on 15 March 2001
It would be nice to see that guy get in more painful situations. A little boring, I almost feel asleep...
Ron on 11 March 2001
It's not all that.
Voxxer on 28 February 2001
Great effects!
Good animation..
Good story..
thomaas4d on 26 February 2001
most cool :) i too would like to know how you match 3d with and live action stuff so well
very good !
HyReZ on 26 February 2001
Great work! Do you have a tutorial on how to match the CG with the perspectives of the live video? I am leaving here after this message to view your web pages.
Lee on 24 February 2001
Ha HA!!! Love a good black comedy!! Very enjoyable :-))
lasseter on 23 February 2001
You are incroyable!
lasseter on 18 February 2001
The incrustation is really good...