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Last Mission Eatrh

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donwloadUploaded on 18/2/01
Take a ride into space !
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DAT48 on 18 December 2006
thanks for letting us download.
Daniel: on 27 September 2002
In story content it has very little.
It does show some uses for Bryce 3D but Bryce does have limitations. I am not sure if the content or lack of is due to the limitations of the program, however as an owner and past user of Bryce I am sure that if you would have started with a basic story line and then go on to create a story board you may have had more success in storytelling and not have to rely solely on quick clips and repeat loops in order to fill time space.
But please keep up the effort I would be very interested in seeing what else you come up with.
The software such as Poser and Bryce may limit your creation effects and realism but if the story is well written and it's contents well told then all of the ginger bread just helps to make the story more vivid.
Chiefdreams on 28 May 2001
What music did you use? I'd like to use it too.
Thomas le pro de la 3d on 6 March 2001
Hého moi perso, je trouve ça vachement bien, et en plus c son 1er film, alors bon, essayez d'en faire autant pour votre 1er film

Ya des passages pas super, c vrai (genre le gars ki est sur son espece de vaisseau kil tien a la main)
mais je trouve que dans le couloir a l'interieur des vaisseaux, sa tue!
sinon, je penses ke tu devrais changer un peu le passage des asteroides, c bien fait, mais sa serait mieu ke le vaisseau slalome + entre les asteroides

vraiment bravo pour ton film
OrangeCatNinja on 4 March 2001
HAhaha... that was great... but seriously... the characters must have more motion, everything must go at a faster pace, watch star wars, when a tie fighter hits an asteroid the camera shakes, sparks fly, all of that.... you just need to get a better feel for cinematics and incorporating that animation... the modeling was pretty good tho, I liked the main ship =)
Bumbi on 4 March 2001
Well. It's good for being your first movie. But still it's not somthing I would gice to the public. The animation lacks a certain feeling and speed. Work harder with animation, cause the models aren't "that" bad. With better animation and lightening they would almost look realistic.

Also, keep in mind that you should not use demonstration effects (lika circling around that island) when trying to tell a story. Try to focus on the story, not to have cool effects. That will make the result more cool, I promise.

For further comments and advices, E-mail me.
Argg on 2 March 2001
AAARRGGGG.... that' your firt movies.. but i hope it's your last.. . no .. bad joke... good job but you need mor technic.. .cao
... on 2 March 2001
J'en reviens pas d'avoir gaché autant de bande passante
Biped on 2 March 2001
Hey , pour ton âge c'est déja bien!.

moi aussi , j'en ai fait un sur poket movies. LIBERTÉE ca s'appelle. J'avais 15 ans quand je l'ai fait.
Voxxer on 28 February 2001
Ok..hold it....CUT!
ok..Faure..I think it's good (to be your first)..
Maybe it was taking water over your head...sending it to due to the very high quality of films and very skilled animators that are published here............. But the movie is a start, better then I could do..
(Yes, I cant handle 3DMAX)
Stick by your dream..(if that's making movies)
Everyone was a newbie at some stage......
Ending with quote:
"Rome wasen't built in one day" -Unknown
FAURE Benjamin on 27 February 2001
I am french i have 17 years old, it is my first video
I had make it with 3dsmax r3 only for 3d
after effect and photoshop for some filters
and premiere for colaspe all piece of the video
and finaly Illusion for the 2nd explosion.
exuse me for my english.
(music: baldgure gate 2 at the beginnning, aqua in the middle and finally Carmina burna .)
Thx for your comment.

badassmutha on 26 February 2001
its not somethin i could since im just startin out so i guess its sorta mean to critique you, but, this is really really crappy. i mean, its somethin that shows you that you have err... some talent, but i dont think its somethin to show anybody... but i agree... music is good... err and the umm, all those umm photoshop lens flares were interesting, and umm... ok
TAMMRON on 26 February 2001
Well at least I enjoyed the music. Kind of that its!
thomas4d on 24 February 2001
good try, for a bryce only animation ? i own bryce
this would have taken alot of time to time use a better programme, maybe inspire3d, raydream or Cinema 4D ? good try :)
Iridium on 22 February 2001
Pure crap. nuf said.
Jack the ripper on 19 February 2001
Good explosion effects, is that Illusion ?
cynicallycrazy on 19 February 2001
that was amazingly bad.
batman on 19 February 2001
Heywood Jablohme on 19 February 2001
Christ this was awful.
shivan on 18 February 2001
nan je rigole :)
shivan on 18 February 2001
t'es un dieux mec
rickie on 18 February 2001