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Final Fantasy

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donwloadUploaded on 6/5/01
Yet another trailer for this movie ! Still impressive !
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Andrew on 8 September 2002
I want to see
Joe on 17 July 2001
As someone who has played all the FF games (even gameboy/old school nintendo) I was dissapointed. Had nothing to do with the games. Could have been called nething.
mojave on 14 July 2001
AK on 10 July 2001

If this don't beat Shrik in the 2002's Academy Awards, there's no justice!... and I don't even play the game!
Kevin and Eve on 5 July 2001
Better than sex.
Horness on 28 June 2001

Square have taken the best bits from anime films, Terminator 2, Aliens, The Mummy, and put the in a big rendering pot and jiggered them about a bit...

FF The movie looks awesome. Hope they can write in a good story. Cannot wait.
neowulf on 19 May 2001
Awesome trailer. I'm not sure how it relates with the games, but it looks darn good to me. I didn't care about the movie before, but now it's on my must-see list.
Voxxer on 13 May 2001
10x as good as the last trailer...
Hal9000b on 12 May 2001
This is an interesting trailer with amazing computer animation. It is definately a summer flick to watch. The clip looks pretty good on my Casio-EM500 too.