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Tomb Raider - The Movie

3.91/5 (161 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 6/1/01
Tomb Raider trailer (with Angelina Jolie)
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kannan on 14 July 2008
tomb raider is super hit flim
pjk_01 on 9 July 2003
bojo on 6 September 2002
Ik realy like the defender in the movie...
fearless on 22 June 2002
jannemannie on 9 August 2001
They should make the movie interactive. (give the audience a joystick!) Great stuff!!!!
Peter on 26 June 2001
Pretty cool. Good story, but lacks a bit when it comes to the caracters. They feel a bit empty. I had expected a little bit more. The whole just movie feels like you are watching the computer-games.
X-men was only based on a comic book, and it was alot better. Hopefully TR 2 and 3 will be better.

My grade: 3 out of 5
shazam on 6 March 2001
what were they (studio execs) thinking?
this will bomb at the theaters.
Wonderful on 25 January 2001
Damn she's fine.
reeffish on 22 January 2001
save your money
Voxxer on 21 January 2001
The movie's plot probably stinks...but I'll see it anyway.... :)
leigh on 15 January 2001