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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

3.96/5 (149 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 15/10/00
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon trailer (very nice film)
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Simon Wang on 13 June 2002
DocGo on 11 April 2002
One of the best movies I have ever seen. I love the effects and the story line...excellent twists and turns
Blink on 15 March 2002
I must admit! but now with a high amount of regret to actually looking forward to seeing this film, As I'm quite a cheap person I luckily waited until I could hire the film on DVD and was stunned by it's total lack of anything interesting to watch, the best part of the film had to be the menu screen, really cool and rather splendid volumetric effects which I enjoyed endlessly as I tried to find something interesting in the film to watch while useing the scene selection, My overall conclusion after the torment of watching this boring slow film would be that I wasted a great deal of my time in watching it! If your thinking that watching this will restore your faith in martial arts then i would advise you to look else where!
abah on 4 September 2001
it's a great fighting effect. the theme's very full emotion till the last minutes.
Neosophist on 11 August 2001
Yeah, CTHD is tops, best film i've seen in the western market for a long while.
RJStout on 9 August 2001
Very Cool!!! Full of action!!!
Razzy on 13 March 2001
Truly a great movie. A story of love, pride and honour. Displays unbelieveable martial artistry, and wonderful settings along with credible acting and refreshing not-Hollywood-like directing. It is a must-see !
Xkalibur on 9 February 2001
Brilliant movie and absolute winner!!!

If you've lost faith in martial arts, this movie will make you a believer once more :)!