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donwloadUploaded on 20/10/01
Find out how the mistress of the castle comes back home to find an unwelcome guest waiting for her in this explosive animated short.
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Furion on 29 November 2005
Umm It was ok ... i guess.
Recon on 18 March 2002
Carrion on 6 November 2001
This animation actually bites in almost every way. Donkey cam did not work. Please do not do that again. The woman, and I could only tell she was a woman by the size of her appendages, was simply a bad model. There is no story, no suspense and the fight scene was well... non-existant. The dragon is the only good thing in this aninmation, although badly animated. Keep the model, destroy the scene. It is worth downloading purely to know what not to do when animating. (-----)
Bahaya on 23 October 2001
Hey D!
Congrats to you too! Saw your comment on my stuff, thanks! Hope you are working on a new Demo Reel, wanna see it! :)
arcturus on 22 October 2001
Wow...amazing animation on both the dragon and the woman! Love the part where the dragon SMASHES through the castle! I've seen this video on VHS and it's not as dark as it is on here...must be that codec you were forced to use. Thanks for placing it up on Pocket Movies! Hope you can make some more fantasy stuff soon! Maybe something with elves and fairies too, that'd be cool!