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Waiting for Dad

3.93/5 (99 votes)
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donwloadUploaded on 27/10/01
A film about the wonderful bond that a father makes with his son.
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Dodge on 29 August 2004
I dont know exactly what to say, other than it makes me weep everytime I watch it. I have a three year old son of my own and we do everything that you have in this film. Except for the chess. I hope that I will not leave him before he grows up. But no one knows. I love this film. Great work. Thanks.
urchik on 14 May 2003
ta ta
Eric - Michigan on 16 January 2003
An amazing film! It reinforces the responsibility we have as fathers. I was waiting to see the joy as his father arrived home. The ending hit me right in the chest. I can't wait to get home to play with my boys.
You definately got the message through Ben.
Thanks !!!
Stressed Eric on 9 January 2003
I watched it with my wife...after that, I looked at my one year old son and gave him a big hug. I was doing some office work at home before watching the movie. After the movie, I put all the work aside and played with my son until it was his bedtime....Thanks for the message, Ben.
JereCe on 9 May 2002
This Is One Of The Best Animations I Have Known ..I Thinq You Should Download This Animation And Watch With your family
Matt on 6 January 2002
This is a wonderful movie. Definitely worth the download! Very well done.
Seriously, I still cannot watch it completely without getting wet eyes.
Carrion on 6 November 2001
Nice story. Well thought out. The transitions between black and white to colour work well and even show meaning in the end.

The characters are simple, clean and effective. Although lacking facial content. Character motion could also be improved, but this may be attributed to the simplistic models. (***--)
Braulio Pereira Filho on 5 November 2001
Well, it´s so familiar to me, because every time my mother listen "Schubert´s Ave Maria", she cries (I think at that time she was remembering the past). So, I always laughed her. Untill now I thought that was ridiculous, untill now...
NOW I saw this movie, only twice, and couldn´t stop to cry. Very well done! Good work!

P.S. My mother didn´t see WFD yet. (we´ll cry together!)
Flying Eagle on 30 October 2001
weep...weep...I didn't think in three minutes I could possibly be sitting here a day later, after watching this film, still pondering what my father is doing at this very moment. This film has an everlasting effect, along with great music and a touching story, never seen in a short film.

P.S. Waiting for more.....

<---Flying Eagle--->
AndyGermany on 30 October 2001
A wonderful Film, a sad Story but you must see this little Boy. Very great congratulations
Many greets from Germany / Munich