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This Old Mouse

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donwloadUploaded on 11/11/01
This funny animation is the story of two mice, one is an older model 'tracking ball' computer mouse and the other is a newer model 'optical mouse'.
Watch as they both try to claim a wedge of cheese. This animation is a dedication to the replacement of the animator's old mouse.
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Tav on 31 July 2002
just a quick note to let everyone know that you can check out more work at my recently completed website:
matt on 10 June 2002
Nice animation,very funny to see.Do it again :-)
Zantih on 9 February 2002
This was one of the funniest little shorts I have seen! Gotta love the rolling ball shot! LOL!
mel on 11 December 2001
very good!!
wanna see more.
i like it a lot. good job tav =0)
ashu on 17 November 2001
very amateurish.
good effort.