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The JP's hamburgers

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donwloadUploaded on 24/11/01
This is an entire animation dedicated to making burgers more rapidly than ever. It's a 3D visualization of a assembly line who can produce more than 2800 burgers per hour.This is funny, unusual, a technically intricate machine! Viva the fastfood!!!

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DD on 6 December 2003
i like the cuts and the music. but it seems a bit too dark and triste colorwise and some quick inbetween additions like sauce and salad would have been helpful as well. in general nice animation and idea tho :)
Luigi on 1 August 2002
JP Barrette is one of the most promising 3D geek I've seen... he kicks ass!!!! A real Timili poulet!
DC on 22 July 2002
I loved this animation..I had searched endlessly for something like this to put in a power point project for school..It was perfect..worked well and served my purpose really well..Just wanted to say thank you so much..
Albi on 19 January 2002
Hallo pocketmovies is one of the best web site
Hugo on 17 January 2002

is there difference between mpeg and mpa? because the videos don´t work´s in my HP 545 jornada.
I have the lastes version of Pocket TV.


Hugo Victoria

ustoopia on 8 December 2001
Looks really good !!
Maybe McDonals can do something with this idea... :-)
Mr Ears on 28 November 2001
I see than Mr.McDonald has been shaked by the industrial proposal of his products employed in this animation! :)

But that's only a proposed concept for you to make more, and more, and more...
The mondialization you know!

Keep it in mind! ;/
Ronald McDonald on 28 November 2001
It's a burger machine isn't it? And that's it? What the hell did I miss? The transitions are nicely done though nothing special. If you have a 56k modeom DO NOT bother with this, it's not worth the download time. If, on the other hand you have a broadband connection DO NOT download this, it's not worth the download time.
pixelwks on 26 November 2001
Almost interesting, but that's about it.

It was very dark on my monitor and I thought the music took away rather than added to the animation.
Japar on 26 November 2001
Incredibly yummy. The best 3d animation i ever seen for the last year.