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Lara Croft - The Hunter

3.90/5 (866 votes)
Downloads : 100901
donwloadUploaded on 2/3/01
Lara Croft enters the world of anime in this
spectacular adventure. Contains scenes of nudity.
(37MB 512*218 DVD quality version available from official site.)
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Caroline on 2 March 2005
Interesting movie - not a masterpiece, but the creator has potential! I watched the movie a long time ago, the city was nice, the movements a bit weird (especially Lara's) but I liked it. :)

Visit my Tomb Raider site if you will. ;)
eddie13f on 5 December 2004
GREAT... but an uncencored wouild be 100 times better... if possible contact me and sent an uncensored version to me...
black mamba on 24 October 2004
GREAT MOVIE!!!!! It was about time someone gave anime/Iria some recognition.What with all those whiners. they must be from lara's fan club. But where are the ff characters they should have cheering in the background!!!! LoL GREAAATTT MOOOVIEE. I'm pretty sure you'll cook up something awesome in the near future!! and I'll be watching. you and Iria rule.
black manba on 24 October 2004
GREAT!!!! Movie. It was about time someone gave recognition to anime. Iria rules but where's the final fantasy characters to join in the fun!!!!! But I guess Iria didn't need much back up. Ya HOOOOOO!!!!! you rule man
ice on 11 September 2004
great movie!!!
rahul on 2 September 2004
it is damn good
doaxanimevg on 22 February 2004
what is this a joke lara would put up a fight and mostly likely would of won i mean she's taken on dino's in her past games and whats up with the really stupid censor bar.
God of nothing on 8 May 2003
ok this movie had some problems but im not going to pick it apart i just want to say you thing Lara would have shot at iria more and at least put a fight up. Make more Lara movies and 405 was alot better
hatepassword on 22 February 2003
Why need password to unzip the file? Password can only be seen AFTER searching the outdated werbsite for about 30 minutes! This is pure corporate-type cheating!
Cenax on 16 February 2003
You can only appreciate this if you know who Iria is. As an Iria fan, I only think its right that she kick the crap out of weakling Lara Croft
Jim on 2 January 2003
Remove the "censored" tag. More nudity required.
Melissa on 1 December 2002
Stupid violence and not enough nudity!
The Pirate on 2 November 2002
Hey, dude. You could have just said that you liked the movie instead of throwing rocks at me. Does the word "tolerance" mean something to you? If not, look at the dictionary, you might find it interesting.

And if you think I'm that bad look at the comments below (which I'm certain you didn't) from persons like Shreky Green, Yoyo, Rohality and MTHSTOVL. They didn't accept the good quality of the movie, while I did. Then again, read and wait before showing impulsive comments, pal.

About American characters, they are awesome and never meant to offend them. In fact, it's you who exagerated comparing Wile E. Coyote with a Gundam. But we gotta face the reality here. Most american characters can't:
*Traveling at speed of light.
*Stop bullets with their hands.
*Destroy planets with a single blast.
*Resist the damage made by weapons.
*Bleed great amounts of blood.
*Return from death easily.
*And the list is large.

Paul Angol, this movie is good and quite interesting. You really deserve a lot of credit for making this video with modest stuff, I wonder how great this movie would have been if you had had better stuff.

CombustoHen on 25 October 2002
Frankly, I was impressed. Honestly, who does something this cool in their spare time?

Despite what Butt-Pirate has to say about American cartoons (Who would win in a fight? A Gundam or Wile E. Coyote? Trick question - Wile E. Coyote CAN'T DIE!!!) the two heroines are what he should really be considering. There obviously isn't a world of difference if the two characters actually met in a movie. It's not like there is a universal scale for all action characters, anyway.

You're cool, he's a tard. Keep up the excellent work!
The Pirate on 6 August 2002
Well, the movie is not that bad after all since many aren't able to make a cicle move in 3d so you got a lot of credit for being an amateur(?).

But man, HOW DARE YOU combine anime style and american style characters? Japanese anime characters, as you know it, are the most exagerated and overpowered creatures. Is like facing the Professor X (a powerful psychic in the Marvel Universe) with Akira (Akira series) who is also another POWERFUL child. There is NO point of comparisson.

Don't take me wrong but Lara or maybe Iria should encounter someone of their leagues. Like Lara vs. (another american stylish character like Duke Nukem maybe... It sucks though) or Iria vs. Alita(Battle Angel series) since you want someone to kick butts really hard.

Crossover and really good ideas but mixing styles when they're completely different... Nah, think it twice since there is a whole world of difference.
Compn on 15 April 2002
this movie is great, some of the animation done was superb on matching it with the original video from the tomb raider games.

i cant wait for the next movie, hopefully someone hires you and you show us your real talent with real computers on an animated film.
Tephladon on 10 February 2002
I thought that some of the animation sequences were bad and obviously looped ie: the Lara hall escape sequence. I do however agree that the film is most entertaining and if you have accomplished that one goal, then you have succeeded overall. You managed to grab my attention and connect me to the film. Easier said than done however, I have played all of the Tomb Raiders and I am also an avid anime fan and whom has Zeiram the animation in my DVD library. Those whom have not seen that series will be lost or feel that Lara was unfairly beaten.
olitoth on 30 September 2001
That's rocks but... Have you this clip uncensored ???
All the best Jedi,
pixelwks on 25 September 2001
Not as bad as some say, and not as good as others have said.

Some very good work, some segments need to be animated better. The nudity at the end is foolish.
Matt on 30 August 2001
The animation is crappy at best and the story is, well, retarded.
King slug on 24 July 2001
the animation timing and modelling are ok, I would say it is on par with someone whom is a fairly descent charater animator that has graduated rescently. As for the editing and continuity and camera work..... No good even when comparing to music video's, video games or even public access television. Actually the camera work/editing took a lot away from the animation and I would even go as far as saying that it was hard to watch.
MTHSTOVL on 15 July 2001
hmm... did i fall asleep before or during this thing?
yprbest on 9 July 2001
Really good animation - can't wait to see what Jedi3167 goes on to do next - keep up the good work!
Justine on 4 July 2001
That was certainly jarring. The camera work made my brains a little soft, so excuse any incoherence. I don't really know what else to say. Um, oh yeah...where's the plot?
Jurie on 4 July 2001
Cybergangster on 27 June 2001
An original idea, but spoilt by bad cinematography, a mismatched soundtrack and tasteless nudity. Still, I will be watching out for more movies from Mr Angol.
lord virus on 7 June 2001
Well people, what i'd suggest is to encourage the animators/creators and the team to develop and create more to improve and entertain the world.

No matter how good or bad, i'd say congratulations and well done. keep up the good work!
lord virus on 7 June 2001
Well people, what i'd suggest is to encourage the animators/creators and the team to develop and create more to improve and entertain the world.

No matter how good or bad, i'd say congratulations and well done. keep up the good work!
neowulf on 19 May 2001
My previous attempt (at a different site) to see this movie was thwarted by bad quality and corrupted transfer. Still, I saw enough to drool over the CG and come back for a better version. The author's CG talent is clearly rivaled only by his ego. (Nobody's perfect, I guess.) If there's ever a longer version, I'd be happy to pay for it (but please have better camera-work -- no more multiple spins around the city for no apparent reason). Please make more videos and fewer mean comments. Thanks for the great film. Definitely worth a DivX download, however big it may be!
Jedi3167 on 16 May 2001
Thanks Jeff for absolutely spoiling what once was a friendly and inviting site with your attempts to keep your useless movie popular. I hope that people are smart enough to see through your bull.
Rohality on 15 May 2001
Very boring film! Nothing special, nothing good! My favorite is still "Killer Bean 2" ... ;-)

elmo on 13 May 2001
Hey jedi - u write too much. What you wrote was the biggest heap of boring I-wanna-sound-like-a-smartass bullshit i have ever read. Shouldn't have bothered.
Jedi3167 on 10 May 2001
In my humble opinion, and speaking from the POV of someone who actually makes 3D animations using standard computer equipment... this movie is not only the best movie I have ever seen, it's better than The Killer Bean 2 and 405 put together.

Sorry if I am blowing my own trumpet, but someone needs to tell the truth around here as far too many people have been getting away with exploiting simple programs like Fakeit to post numerous glowing praises for their work and untold childish and inaccurate reviews of much superior fare.

I resort to this bold and direct statement to cut out all the bullshit. If you were attracted to this page out of curiosity and really want to see a good value download then download The Hunter. Do not, I repeat do not waste your time with The Killer Bean 2 or 405 as they are IMO completely worthless and their authors seem to think that they have a right to stop people from downloading the competition.

I could very easily turn this page around and make sure that there are only glowing reviews here and give my self twelve million hits, but what would that achieve? Would it prove that I am really the best? No. I let genuine people decide for themselves, and if someone trys to make up their minds for them then I step in and sincerely say...

yoyo on 29 April 2001
this movie is horrible.
The camera animation is bad, the character animation is bad, the directing is worse, and the fact that you tried to use recognizable video game characters to give your little film some credibility should be reason enough to have this waste of time removed from the web. Tits and guns cannot hide that fact that this film is a big bag of ass.
khmerchaos on 28 April 2001
I love the short film. And I like the animation, but her breast is too big (look like she running around hold a bowling ball). For people that don't know who "Iria"...You guy's or gal's should watch more of Jap-Animation (What! Afraid you might like it???). Everybody knows that Lara could kick-ass. But, to be honest, watching Lara getting beat shit-less is funny. Something different is alwayz good. later'
Protocol droid 0C5F on 27 April 2001
If you think that Lara Croft is tough, you need to watch Zeiram the Animation. It's little known in the west, but it stars the title character: Iria - a 16 year old bounty hunter. This japanese anime heroine takes no prisoners. This movie shows just exactly what would happen if Lara Croft crossed her path.
Solid Snake on 14 April 2001
Great city and tomb raider. Needs to be uncensored. But beautifully crafted lara.
Protocol droid 0C5F on 7 April 2001
The movie was not made in this small screen MPEG1 format. To appreciate the work that has gone into it you should visit the official site.

This movie is still IMO, the most exciting FMV on this site.

windarr on 7 April 2001
Allright here's my two cents. First is great, no complaints. Very low quality sound effects, voice-overs were moderately ok. The way this story is told needs to really be re-worked. This here is the key...I don't get a feel of much pre-planning with this film. Someone needs to sit down and figure out what kind of story they are telling, write it all out in detail, and then storyboard it and go from there. This feels like it was done haphazardly.

Right now it looks more like a student demo reel, than a short film. I see some great dramatic camera angles, and some good cinematic choices, however the majority of the film suffers from jerky fast moving cameras. The models are fairly good, the city is fantastic, but the animation needs more work. There's not enough follow-through, and that run cycle is especially bad. By the way...who is that little guy? I don't know who he is, I doubt anyone does, and he doesn't serve any purpose in the film. I suggest to cut him out, or give him a substantially larger role in the film. Well I could go on, but suffice it to say, this is a good first attempt. But it would be a very very bad last attempt. So try, try again.
Lostowl on 30 March 2001
This I thought was sort of boring at first. This I saw the Anime Chick. It took me only two seconds to guess who it was. Should spoil it? YOU BET!!! It's Iria!!!!! from the Zeiram Animation Anime series.

That Iria puts lara down to me completely makes this film!!!!!!
Andrew Villalobos on 25 March 2001
Great movie!!
Disgruntled Competitor on 18 March 2001
I can say anything I like
to try to stop people from
downloading this exceptional

...but I can't give you my
e-mail address or tell
you which crappy movie of
mine everyone is ignoring.
DAN on 16 March 2001
Very nice. It's got a few problems. Right before the shootout, lara is breathing heavily, but only her boobs are moving. They look like JELLO. Other than that, a great little movie.
WirelessBrazilian on 14 March 2001
Created with "demo software"... Wow, what a great animation job... more, more, more!!! Critics: Relax! Can you do any better?
tommes on 13 March 2001
Andreas on 12 March 2001
I agree with Julie: The movie is beautiful !!!.... Great stuff!

Positive: Amazing effects + lighting + characters + music.
Negative: I realized walking Lara's movements are somehow unrealistic.

No worries however, you get 95 points out 100!!

da-critic on 11 March 2001
this is an excellent animation.

- the sound effects were really poor
- the fighting was really too quick and
not too exciting
- the camera of the environment took up a lot of time and was sorta lame (thats just my opinion)

good stuff:
- i really like the models a lot, especially the iria model
- the way lara's arm shakes when she's shootin is really dope
- big b00bies

anyways, dont get me wrong, it is excellent, but needs improvement. Its not something i could do, but the point of this post is to critique or post, so dont go postin stuff about me being jealous or anything... lates.
Shreky Green on 11 March 2001
Oh come onnn ... while interesting, this isn't that good. The camera angles and movements are strictly video game, the animation isn't fluid, "Tara"'s arms are stiff as tree branches when she's firing submachine guns, and her breasts are bobbing but her abdomen is flat when she's breathing hard, which isn't natural. There's better 3D on Saturday morning.
Do gie Do on 9 March 2001
Wow .. what a big mama !!
Voxxer on 4 March 2001
If I would say that you'll see Laras tits I think alot more should be downloading this movie :)
Tomb Raider fans should download it..
I don't think it was very much more too it..
ok..nice town..