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donwloadUploaded on 30/1/02
This 3D-short is the 19year-old artist's first real major project and is meant to be just experimental. The film was started to gather experience in modeling- and animation-techniques.

"OCCASIO" is a little sad and bizarre story, about 4 min in length. The main character called "Mr.WithHat" discovers the meaning of missing the last chance to escape a dead and abandoned place...
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Leslie on 13 February 2002
Very nice movie....freaky and very surreal.
Wished there was more like this.
Fake Bond on 31 January 2002
This movie rules! :-)
Scooba on 31 January 2002
Wow! Great job, Marius!

Although some of the motions are buggy
and the nice music got scrambled the
film broke my heart.
I love the poor 'Mr.WithHat' and the
airship is impressive!
(You did this with 19!? How long took the ship?)
You have quite good skills! Improve them!