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Star Wars : Episode 2 (Love)

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donwloadUploaded on 16/11/01
Yet Another Trailer for Episode 2 ! This one's talking about loooove...
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ekumen on 24 July 2004
This film very important for me. Because this is dream, fantasy and future.
andrew on 5 August 2002
I like the part when yoda fights with his lightsaber!!!!!
juggernaut on 16 May 2002
I just saw this movie.
This is one of the worst movies i have ever seen.
I am wondering if they plan to make this movie to be loved buy russia. (the evil Imp-hire)

It is like a video game.
The acting is like a video game actor.

Was the plan that the acting is so bad that any one can be darth. So you can dream that you can be a better villan. Or that lossers become evil.

Why is the verbage bad is it because it was written in itallian or russian and translated into english?

I just do not know.....
Joe Dredd on 22 March 2002
This is more like it! Ewan now looks the Obi-Wan part (older & wiser), Hayden seems a convincing future Darth Vader (unlike that annoying kid in the last film) and we get to see Jedi-Masters do more than sit around. Epic battle scenes, cool hardware and great looking clone-soldiers (very Stormtrooper-ish). Christopher Lee will no doubt also add some class. Best trailer yet... can't wait 'til May!
Tomarse on 31 December 2001
AWESOME, it made the cinema shake with some of the battles shown. I can't wait!!
Cryo2817 on 27 December 2001
phew.... lucky that Lucas didnt really hire that stupid leonardo dicaprio for this movie... otherwise i'll burn the cinema
RtoodyD2 on 26 November 2001
Awesome!! I can't wail till the real thing comes out! Great Job Lucas! (Hayden's great!)
Fherma the hutt on 21 November 2001
It´s kinda good. Praying to see at theathres soon
It´s a Good Job Lucas.
I enjoyed with all this three trailers by the moment.
seany on 19 November 2001
At least with this one, it's more explanatory. I think it's really cool especially the last shot of Anakin striking down, what looks like a sandperson. Anakin is starting to show the rebellious side alot more and this might turn out to be an interesting story of a fallen jedi.
rod on 18 November 2001

How can wait a real fan when he sees so wonderfull images !!!!
alcaponee on 17 November 2001
This film looks the bomb especially the bit right at the and which is Anakin slaying a sand dude after his mom gets the axe, looking good lucas no jar jar in sight (well except for at the beginning of the movie)
James on 17 November 2001
That looks almost as good as the fake trailer!
Punk57 on 16 November 2001
I like the bit were Anakin starts to lose his temper & blame Obi One

Link Crow on 16 November 2001
Amazing! WAY better than the other two trailers! I can't wait to see the movie! It's gonna be the bomb...
Link Crow on 16 November 2001
Damn amazing. Better than the other two trailers, if you can believe that! Believe it! I can't wait to see the movie.