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The Rise and Fall of a Hero Named Steve

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donwloadUploaded on 18/4/02
This is an animation I created for school using Softimage XSI 1.5 from September 2001 through April 2002. I did not have any restrictions on the subject whatsoever so I had fun creating this little bugger named Steve. Note that this the first time I create a high quality animation of this length (I did create other stuff in the past but I'm not going to post them here since they mostly suck ass). It took forever to do since I did not know much about high resolution modeling, animating and rendering prior to doing this project, so don't complain if there are little errors here and there.
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JOHN on 24 June 2002
GREAT MUSIC and a very good job however it was done.
Mike on 18 May 2002
That was really good work. As said the cinimatography was good, and I like the character a lot.
Although we know what happened I think a comical and exaggerated 'splat' at the end would have been good.

Also the walk is a little ridgid, but generally the character animations were very smooth and expressive. Very good work with the environment as well.

I like it.
SPIFF on 17 May 2002
nice cinematography, animation needs more work though, especially walks. i don't really mind that you didnt show what happened to him because it's pretty obvious but still, the impact of climax should be strengthened more in my opinion.
keep up the good work
PoPo on 3 May 2002
Unlike Matt, I don't like not knowing how things end. Makes the piece feel incomplete, meaningless and unresolved.
I like the character animation, directing and music.
StrgKid on 30 April 2002
Hehe! Pretty Good! I especially like the music, sets up the atmosphere and the light hearted nature of the film. If some comedy were put on the way he climbed to the top, would have been the perfect film.

Nice Work
Matt on 20 April 2002
I thought this was really funny. Great job on it. I especially like the way you ended it with out shouwing weitheror not he survived. Great job.