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Endless Love

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donwloadUploaded on 19/4/02
Can vegetables fall in love? I guess so. This is a desperate love story about an ugly potatoe that falls in love with a shining tomato. We all know love hurts, in this case love is hell. But real love overcomes everything.
We are two students at the german film school and worked 2 months on this project.
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cherry on 9 October 2003
I fall inlove to this movie,i enjoy so much then i shared it to my best friend and she also like the story. what's up to you.........
Garry on 10 September 2003
Hi people!
I am pretty amazed you guys still download this clip, unfortunately my site will be down soon. Here is the new one, with many many more shorts.

Thanks for the support.
Garry Runke
mohammad naveed on 28 July 2002
hi i am mohammad naveed from humayun nagar hyderabad india,i really liked all the videos and i want to download all of them! i request you to please upload new videos daily onyour page for me to download,i thank god that he gave man the power to animate!!!!!!!!!!
naveed on 28 July 2002
they are all excellent!
loopy on 20 June 2002
hey guys, thanks for the work and the sentiment. I really enjoyed this film and the accompanying score really fits in well with the story. I showed it to my girlfriend and she also loved it. Keep it going and remember keep the flame burning
shefali on 5 May 2002
fabulous & real enjoying stuff which is totally never heard or seen before... extremely nice and mind-blowing...really very impressed.
kee on 5 May 2002
하이 방가워여
mohammad on 1 May 2002
it's excellent
Anton on 30 April 2002
I think this movie is sooo cool! I also saw that you animated a picture of "Dance de Cable" in the kitchen!
Please do more movies like these so I can enjoy them as much as I enjoyed this one!!!
Garry on 19 April 2002
Hey folks!
We hope you like our movie and take your time to criticize us :-)
For a "making-of" and other cool stuff check our homepage.