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donwloadUploaded on 18/4/02
Gumman is a trailer style short animation which created by the 5 students of CEC in Computer Animation and Digital Effects, a SCOPE City University Of Hong Kong. The ideas of the animation come from several famous Hollywood movies and the whole animation is created as a trailer style. The animation is produced within 3 months. The animation was done by Alias|Wavefront Maya and rendered by Pixar PRman. The characters motion are done by motion capture system.

Authors : Kwan Ngai Man, Wong Chi Lik, Wong Kung Kuen, Ying Yi Man, Yung Yak Hong
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JXM on 1 October 2004
I loved the short, but im wondering if thers a higher quality version of it anywhere?
acb23 on 6 December 2003
Outstanding - forget Matrix and Mission Impossible - I'm waiting for GumMen I, II, III, IV and all the other sequels
Omega on 22 August 2003
yup. the music is from raven shield, heavily edited, if im not wrong. its nice. the music was WELL coordinated wif the action. i especially liked the bridge scene. i cant wait for the full version, if its as good as this trailer...
BbopRose on 3 December 2002
Am I the only one who kinda realizes that most of this movies settings come from video games, not to mention the music. It's quite amazing really how many things got parodied at once...but it was great.
ryosaeba on 26 June 2002
i am so proud of your guys could have so ideal and skillful on 3D animation
gabrielk on 29 May 2002
Great!! I can't wait until the full movie is available.
Western on 22 May 2002
This clip is awesome contact me please when the full version comes out. The best bit is the animation of the gun scene on the bridge.
spiff on 17 May 2002
StrgKid on 30 April 2002
HAHA! COOL Action Sequences! Lacks originality, but who needs originality when you got gummen shooting each other! Great Work! I Really Enjoyed This Film
thepoop on 28 April 2002
This was Fantastic !
spinfusion on 23 April 2002
This was sooo coool, i loved it

very original...

nice job and keep it coming ;)
Xclan on 22 April 2002
This was very innovative. You guys should do a 5 - 7 minute short of just one of those "episodes". If the trailer is any indication, it could rival "The Killer Bean 2."
Squall on 20 April 2002
Cool stuff. Keep up the good work!
Dash101 on 19 April 2002
Cool little animation. I noticed the music used was from the video game Rogue Spear so I thought that was kinda funny.

But over all, neet little trailer for what would certainly be a strange film. Keep up the good work.

Gumman Team on 19 April 2002
Hello everyone~ We are waiting for your opinion about this clip! Please feel free to give us opinions!