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donwloadUploaded on 2/1/02
A short story about love with a twist. The two main characters fall for each other, but due to some bad luck and misunderstanding. A night that started with a lot of promise, turns hilariously wrong.
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pairograff on 23 November 2002
i thought it was hilarious and you should make it a little longer next time
sbc on 21 June 2002
I agree, excellent work. This short shows how you run into problems without yourself causing it. Looking forward to the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
websketch on 10 June 2002
I thought it was excellent work. I would love to see more from this author. A+++++
Mandelbrot on 2 February 2002
Whoever heatcliff is, he should just know that you can't say it's a rip off without proof, proof please?

Personally I think it's excellent work.
Heatcliff on 9 January 2002
this is a complete rip-off of a short movie that won the kahuna awards a couple off years ago. But can't remember the title or author of the original. Jason Tam shame on you , couldn't create an idea on your own hé?

i hate when people rip-off ideas.
±Â on 7 January 2002
exkillo on 6 January 2002
good 3d but poor history