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donwloadUploaded on 25/5/01
The latest Atlantis trailer. (This trailer is a bit special to me as it was the first to come online at the very beginning of ;))
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Rocketdog on 1 April 2002
I don't know why people don't like this movie. It's a neat little twist that Disney took. And I loved the characters. (especialy Mole and Vinny) The animation style was great, very unique, and the voice acting was also something Disney should be proud of. The plot-- Well, the plot is a tiny bit weak, but all of that is made up for with action and humor. It's a nice little hour and a half.
Starlord167 on 7 July 2001
Disney Rules!If computer aided animation helps them,then so be it.
In fact anything is better than Manga;coming from Japan,I fear this animation has sinister undercurrents,what with their frightening insistance on using children's faces on adults bodies.Enough said on that,or maybe not....?
animator on 26 June 2001
Just a little fact - Disney's been using computers since Little Mermaid. They use them for motion usually. Look at the ship that Prince Eric sales - as well as the carraige they ride through town on. I have a 3 year old daughter - I know these movies by heart. (also used in Alladin and Beauty and the Beast - Dance Scene)
Voxxer on 25 June 2001
I don't know why but I thought Disney didn't use CG/computers..

Well, I can't be right everytime ;)
Jediknight on 17 June 2001
let you be told that disney USES computer animation. i even saw alot of CG in that trailer... in Tarzan they used heavy CG, too, the secret of Disney's movies not looking alot like CG (well, take apart Dinosaurs ;)) is that they overpaint the computergenerated imagery... that way they have exactly the right camera movement and shading and everything

i WILL see this movie! it will rock!
Voxxer on 13 June 2001
I had made up my mind even before I saw this trailer..
I'm going to see the movie..
Different from Pixar there is no computer animation (from what I saw) and I think that is good.. Some things should be spared from computers... Disney movies and...and.. nope, just disney movies ;)